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    Posted 26 Oct 2018 Link to this post

    Hi all,

    I had same problems with delete command on hierarchical grid. I think the problem it's caused by different declaration between DataKeyNames in grid and DeleteParameters in SqlDataSource.

    Here is my code

     <MasterTableView DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" DataKeyNames="VersamentoId" AllowMultiColumnSorting="True"<br>                                        Width="100%" CommandItemDisplay="Top" Name="Versamenti" EditMode="Batch"><br>                                        <DetailTables><br>                                            <telerik:GridTableView DataKeyNames="VersamentoId,ConsumoID" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource2" Width="80%" AllowAutomaticDeletes="true" AllowFilteringByColumn="false" AllowAutomaticInserts="true" AllowAutomaticUpdates="true"<br>                                                runat="server" CommandItemDisplay="Bottom" Name="Consumi" BorderColor="Navy" BorderStyle="Solid" BorderWidth="2" EditMode="Batch"><br>                                                <ParentTableRelation><br>                                                    <telerik:GridRelationFields DetailKeyField="VersamentoId" MasterKeyField="VersamentoId"></telerik:GridRelationFields><br>                                                </ParentTableRelation>


    <p><asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource2" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:iRoncadin %>"<br>            DeleteCommand="[dbo].[mes_spDeleteConsumoDaProduzione]" DeleteCommandType="StoredProcedure"<br>            InsertCommand="RO_Portal_SP_InsertConsumoDaProduzione" InsertCommandType="StoredProcedure"<br>            SelectCommand="SELECT<br>                                   mwcpp.ID as ConsumoID<br>                                 , mwcpp.DocEntryOP<br>                                 , mwcpp.DocEntryFather<br>                                 , mwcpp.U_WordCode<br>                                 , mwcpp.U_OprCode<br>                                 , mwcpp.ItemCode<br>                                 , mwcpp.U_Revision<br>                                 , mwcpp.Quantity<br>                                 , mwcpp.Status<br>                                 , mwcpp.CreateDate<br>                                 , mwcpp.UpdateDate<br>                                 , mwcpp.DestDocEntry<br>                                 , mwcpp.DestLineNum<br>                                 , mwcpp.AlternativeCode<br>                                 , mwcpp.TipologiaId<br>                                 , mwcpp.VersamentoId<br>                            FROM dbo.MES_wsConsumoPerProduzione mwcpp where VersamentoId = @VersamentoId"<br>            UpdateCommand="UPDATE dbo.MES_wsConsumoPerProduzione<br>                            SET <br>                                DocEntryOP = @DocEntryOP<br>                                , DocEntryFather = @DocEntryFather<br>                                , U_WordCode = @U_WordCode<br>                                , U_OprCode = @U_OprCode<br>                                , ItemCode = @ItemCode<br>                                , Quantity = @Quantity<br>                                , AlternativeCode = @AlternativeCode<br>                            WHERE ID = @ConsumoID"<br>            ProviderName="<%$ ConnectionStrings:iRoncadin.ProviderName %>"><br>            <SelectParameters><br>                <asp:Parameter Name="VersamentoId" Type="Int32"></asp:Parameter><br>            </SelectParameters><br>            <DeleteParameters><br>                <asp:Parameter Name="ConsumoID" Type="Int32"></asp:Parameter><br>            </DeleteParameters></p><p></p>

    The stored procedure called to delete the row of first child grid is this

    [dbo].[mes_spDeleteConsumoDaProduzione]   @ID INT


    but, as you can see, DataKeyNames in first child grid are VersamentoId,ConsumoID. This is done because VersamentoId is the correlation key with parent grid and ConsumoId is the correlation key with another child grid.

    When I try to delete a row of first child grid, system return the following error

    Procedure or function mes_spDeleteConsumoDaProduzione has too many arguments specified.


    Anyone knows a solution to bring together hierarchical grids and delete of child rows?

    Thanks a lot

  2. Rumen
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    Posted 31 Oct 2018 Link to this post

    Hi Erminio,

    You may want to take a look at the following discussion on the matter: Procedure or function has too many arguments specified error.
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