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  1. Adonis
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    Posted 14 Oct 2010 Link to this post

       I am trying to delete from a grid that has been created entirely in code behind , how can I reference the grid to perform delete operations?
  2. Shinu
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    Use the FindControl(controlID) method to access teh dynamically created control.

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        RadGrid RadGrid1 = new RadGrid();
        RadGrid1.ID =  "objRadGrid";
        RadGrid1.AllowPaging = true;
        RadGrid1.AutoGenerateColumns =false;
        RadGrid1.DataSourceID = "SqlDataSource1";
        RadGrid1.MasterTableView.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
        GridBoundColumn boundColumn = new GridBoundColumn();
        boundColumn.DataField = "CustomerID";
        boundColumn.HeaderText = "CustomerID";
        boundColumn.UniqueName = "CustomerID";
        this.form1.Controls.Add(RadGrid1); // Adding the grid to controls collection
    protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        RadGrid grid = (RadGrid)this.Page.FindControl("objRadGrid"); // get the grid control
        grid.Visible = false;

  3. Adonis
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    Posted 15 Oct 2010 Link to this post

    Thanks for the response, let me clarify a bit I have a statically created grid , and a grid that is created dynamically in the code behind, I drag and drop setup between the static grid and the Dynamic grid , I am unable to determine how to delete a single item from the dynamic grid once it has been populated.

    I need to perform other operations upon delete so the client side delete button will not server the purpose. Is there a way to use OnDeleteCommand  via the code behind?

  4. Answer
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    Hi Adonis,

    You may programatically add GridButtonColumn and set its command name to "Delete". Then wire the OnDeleteCommand event for the grid and perform the delete operation. Here is a sample code on how to achieve this:
    GridButtonColumn deleteButtonColumn = new GridButtonColumn();
                deleteButtonColumn.ButtonType = GridButtonColumnType.LinkButton;
                deleteButtonColumn.Text = "Delete";
                deleteButtonColumn.UniqueName = "deleteButtonColumn";
                deleteButtonColumn.CommandName = "Delete";
                RadGrid1.DeleteCommand += new GridCommandEventHandler(RadGrid1_DeleteCommand);
    protected void RadGrid1_DeleteCommand(object sender, GridCommandEventArgs e)
                //peform delete operation

    If you have set your datasource to allow automatic operations (i.e. it has set Delete, Insert and Updates Commands). You can directly perform CRUD operations on items from the grid from code behind by using this methods:

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  5. dotnetrockerzzz
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    Posted 31 Oct 2010 Link to this post

    Please look at my Code Problem  . It is similar but i m unable to solve It . Plz
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