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  1. Alex
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    Posted 15 Aug 2017 Link to this post

    Very simple case, the X-axis has dates, but the day _before_ is being shown on the access.  Date input looks like:



    But 0/6 and 8/13 are shown.  See attachment.  This happens in all cases regardless of number of records.

    <telerik:RadHtmlChart ID="burndownChart" runat="server" DataSourceID="dsBurndown" Skin="Web20">
                    <XAxis DataLabelsField="WeekDate">
                    <YAxis Name="$">
                        <telerik:AreaSeries AxisName="$" DataFieldY="Spent" Name="Spent" Stacked="True">
                            <LabelsAppearance Visible="true" DataField="WeekDate"></LabelsAppearance>
                        <telerik:AreaSeries AxisName="$" DataFieldY="Remaining" Name="Remaining" Stacked="True">
  2. Alex
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    Posted 16 Aug 2017 Link to this post

    Since my inputs are single days (Mondays), I could use a workaround like the following:

    <XAxis DataLabelsField="WeekDate" Visible="True" Type="Date" BaseUnit="Days" BaseUnitStep="7" >


    However, the question still stands, how would I use the Unit of Weeks, but start on/show Monday's for the markers?  Or arbitrary day for that matter.

  3. Marin Bratanov
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    Posted 23 Aug 2017 Link to this post

    Hi Alex,

    Perhaps an option is to tweak the data source provided to the chart as follows:

    • Aggregate the data according to your preferences (the chart has a default SUM aggregate for the data points in the range). Thus, you will have a single data point for the desired time period.
    • Create a string representation of the date according to your preferences, and add that to a field in the data source for the corresponding aggregated data point.
    • Provide these two fields to the chart and use a "regular" categorical axis where the chart will display your text in axis labels the data in the series without attempting date operations itself.



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