CV wizard and multiple form validation

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    hi. I have a sample written but don't see how to upload it.
    I have no idea how to get around this.
    it is reasonable to add required fields to other ascx pages.. ie education. if I make 'Name' a required field, it will not allow me to proceed (valid). It will also stop me from going back.. (invalid).
    If I disable validation on the tabstrip, then i can go back, but then I receive validation summaries from the education page when I click the next button on the profile page! crazy.

    Now this is not a huge deal to get around, but, what is a problem is that if I added a formview onto the education which allowed for multiple entry, that is fine, add an insert button and a "I am done inserting, move to next page" button which triggers the GoToNextTab() event, it actually shuts down the tabstrip completely, because.. as logical, the tabstrip is using validation, but the strip is jammed because the education has invalid required field..

    I am thinking the most simple method would be to unload or kill the ascx being moved off of.. would this kill the required field as well ? I dont' see how to do this... I tried 

    from within the GotNextPageView, but that did not solve the isse

    arghhh. Any thoughts on how to do this? I have a sample of the issue.

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    Try using Validation Groups with your controls on each individual tab. That will take care of your issue. You will need a ValidationSummary control per tab, but otherwise everything is pretty much the same.
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