CSS skin for radInputManager for textbox rounding corner

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  1. sk
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    Posted 02 Feb 2010 Link to this post

    I am using the textbox with the radformdecorator  to make the textbox have rounding corner. After that, i am adding the radInputManager for the validation control. I have found out that my textbox rounding corner have disappear. but when i have removing the rad input manager, i found out that the rounding corner appear again. Is that anyway to solve this problem?

    best regards,
  2. Dimo
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    Posted 03 Feb 2010 Link to this post

    Hi Sookkien,

    This scenario is currently not supported, but will be in the Q1 2010 version (due in early March). Then you will be able to decorate RadInputManager textboxes by setting Skin="" (no skin) and EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet="false" for the RadInputManager.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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  3. REB
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    Posted 29 Mar 2010 Link to this post


    I just ran into the same problem and used Dimo's code to successfully fix the skinning problem. However, the invalid icon that normally shows up inside my text box is no longer displayed. It appears that as soon as you add the 'Skin=""' property, the box attains rounded corners but loses it's invalid icon.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
        <telerik:RadInputManager id="IRISInputManager" runat="server"  EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet="false" RegisterWithScriptManager="true"
            <telerik:NumericTextBoxSetting BehaviorID="rtbSortOrder" Type="Number" DecimalDigits="0" MaxValue="99999" AllowRounding="false" GroupSizes="5" MinValue="-99999"
                    <telerik:TargetInput ControlID="txtSortOrder" Enabled="true"/> 
                <Validation IsRequired="true" /> 

  4. Dimo
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    Posted 30 Mar 2010 Link to this post

    Hello Ross,

    Well, yes, as soon as you set Skin="", you lose the invalid style. You can try using the OnValidating client event of the respective InputSetting, check whether the textbox is empty and apply some custom CSS styles, e.g. red text color to the respective textbox. You can obtain reference to the textbox DOM element in the OnValidating JS handler like this:


    args is the event argument paramenter:

    function MyValidatingHandler(sender, args)
        if (args.get_input().isEmpty())
            $get(args.get_input().get_id()).style.color = "red";

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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