CosmoDB (aka DocumentDB) example for Telerik tools

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  1. Jason Bourdette
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    Posted 06 Dec 2018 Link to this post

    I've been learning about CosmoDB in Azure. I've moved some data to Azure CosmoDB to test/learn with. I'm really looking for an example with CosmoDB and Web Forms with Telerik Grid control. 

    I'm trying to understand what Telerick controls have support for CosmoDB. 

    ASP.NET AJAX Grid Support CosmoDB (yes/no)?  
    ASP.NET MVC (yes/no)?
    Does Telerik have support ASP.Net Razor Pages and can you connect to CosmoDB from Razor (yes/no).

    Any links to Telerik Docs would be super helpful. I read all the pages on CosmoDB. 

    Any samples? I searched around Telerik site but found very little info CosmoDB.



  2. Tsvetomir
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    Posted 07 Dec 2018 Link to this post

    Hi Jason,

    The RadGrid control provides a rich variety of functionalities and an unbeatable performance. It aims to enhance and further improve the functionalities of the traditional ASP.NET controls. That said, anything that is supported by the built-in WebForms controls is supported from the Telerik controls as well as a slight addition - weight reduction and performance improvements. Hence, if you can bind the GridView to CosmosDB then you can bind RadGrid to CosmosDB.

    Actually, you can bind the RadGrid to any type of collection that inherits the IEnumerable interface. The database itself is none of its concerns, neither has a direct link to the grid's source. Thus it is decoupled from the actual database. It is a developer's preference what type of data source is going to be used as long as after retrieving the data, it is passed to the grid as an object that inherits the IEnumerable interface. 

    The short answer whether the grid supports CosmosDB integration - yes. Attached you can find a sample project used for testing purposes which can be used as a base to build your project upon. Currently, it has not been publicly documented. Nevertheless, expect in the foreseeable future a public resource covering the topic of the integration between RadGrid and CosmosDB. 

    For testing purposes, we have used the Azure CosmosDB Emulator which enables us to locally develop and test the approach. You can find more information on the Emulator in Microsoft's documentation:

    Attached, you can find two photos representing the interface and the actual representation of the Emulator.

    Microsoft has also covered how to make the integration between the ASP.NET MVC Framework and Azure CosmosDB.

    Telerik has built components for all the leading Microsoft technologies and each of the Suite is strictly specified in one Framework/Technology. If you would like to build an ASP.NET MVC Project, I highly recommend going over the Kendo UI Widgets for ASP.NET MVC. You can find the basic resources needed to start off a project below. Even a Project Templates are provided.  Resources concerning the integration of a Kendo UI Grid with CosmosDB have already been published along with a sample demonstrating a possible way of achieving this scenario. 

    To sum up, the short answer to all the queries of interest is - Yes. Whether the used framework is WebForms or MVC, the Telerik team provides components for each of them along with a universal integration with various data sources.

    I hope those clarifications and resources prove helpful. As always, should any additional questions or concerns arise, I will be happy to assist or provide a plausible explanation.

    Kind regards,
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