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    Greetings Developers, im working with this structure, the problem is that i cannot hide a node: - i'm looking a control for the node, i want to display the menuNode for some authentications and not for others
    Not able to add an ID, tells me "object its not in the current context"
    i was looking for  this solution and to  implement jquery .hide(), but
    doesn't work
    NavigateUrl="../Honorarios/GenerarPrevio.aspx?sbmH=GP" Text="Generar
    Previo" ClientIDMode="AutoID" runat="server">"  <div class="Menu">
                        <div id="MegaDropDown">
    <telerik:RadMenu runat="server" ID="RadMenu1" Skin="Sitefinity"
    OnClientItemOpened="itemOpened" EnableRoundedCorners="true"
                                Width="895" Height="48" EnableShadows="true" Font-Underline="True" Style="top: 0px; left: 0px">
                                    <telerik:RadMenuItem Text="Honorarios" Width="106px" runat="server">
                                            <telerik:RadMenuItem CssClass="Honorarios" Width="880" runat="server">
                                                    <div id="CatWrapper" class="Wrapper" runat="server" >
    <telerik:RadSiteMap ID="RadSiteMap1" runat="server"
    EnableTextHTMLEncoding="true" BackColor="Red" i >
                                                                <telerik:SiteMapLevelSetting Level="0">
                                                                    <ListLayout RepeatColumns="2" />
    NavigateUrl="../Honorarios/GenerarPrevio.aspx?sbmH=GP" Text="Generar
    Previo" ClientIDMode="AutoID" runat="server">
    NavigateUrl="../Honorarios/SegFol.aspx?sbmH=SF" Text="Seguimiento de
    Folios" >
                                    </telerik:RadMenuItem> i hope you can help me, thanks & sorry for my bad grammar.
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