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    Posted 17 Sep 2009 Link to this post

    I want the context menu to show on nodes that are dynamically created in the _TreeView_NodeExpand event.  The context menu is displaying instead only on the root node which I don't want.  By the way, I have the very latest version of the ASP.NET AJAX controls.

    I create the context menu in the .aspx file as follows:


                              <telerik:RadTreeView  ID="AvailableDataFields_TreeView" runat="server"  on  OnClientContextMenuItemClicked="ContextMenuClick"   OnClientDoubleClick="LinkField">  
                                   <telerik:RadTreeViewContextMenu runat="server" ID="RadTreeViewContextMenu1" ClickToOpen="True" > 
                                        <telerik:RadMenuItem   ImageUrl="../../images/Data.gif" Text="Add to Data Tab"></telerik:RadMenuItem> 
                                        <telerik:RadMenuItem ImageUrl="../../images/Filter.gif" Text="Add to Filter Tab"></telerik:RadMenuItem> 
                                        <telerik:RadMenuItem ImageUrl="../../images/Sort.gif" Text="Add to Order Tab"></telerik:RadMenuItem> 

    Then in the Page_Load event I add nodes to the tree dynamically and this node level displays the context menu which I don't want.
                oData = oCmd.ExecuteReader  
                Do While oData.Read  
                    Dim oNode As New RadTreeNode  
                    sDesc = oData("Description").ToString  
                    If sDesc.Length > 50 Then  
                        sDescsDesc = sDesc.Substring(0, 49) & "..."  
                    End If  
                    With oNode  
                        .ToolTip = "Alias: " & oData("Alias").ToString & vbCrLf & "Description: " & sDesc  
                        .Value = oData("TableID")  
                        .ExpandMode = TreeNodeExpandMode.ServerSideCallBack  
                        .Text = oData("Alias").ToString  
                    End With  

    When I get to the NodeExpand event I add more nodes but the context menu doesn't show there.

                Do While oData.Read  
                    Dim oNode As New RadTreeNode  
                    With oNode  
                        .ToolTip = sTooltip 
                        .Text = oData("Alias").ToString  
                        .ExpandMode = TreeNodeExpandMode.ClientSide  
                        .Value = oData("FieldID")  
                        .ContextMenuID = "Report" 
                        .CssClass = "TreeInnerNode" 
                        .HoveredCssClass = "TreeInnerNodeOver" 
                        .EnableContextMenu = True 
                    End With  

    What should I do to display the nodes on the correct level?  If I put .EnableContextMenu = false on the first level then there are no context menus anywhere on the tree.

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    Veselin Vasilev
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    Posted 18 Sep 2009 Link to this post

    Hi Lynne Barton,

    Please find attached a sample project that works as expected.

    Veselin Vasilev
    the Telerik team

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