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    Posted 22 Jan 2009 Link to this post

    I got what I wanted working very quickly because the control works well but got stuck on the last feature. I had a tree that the user could click on but they wanted edit|delete|view option and I added that easily. But I wanted a confirmation on the delete. I tried to catch the OnClientContextMenuItemClicked but then there is no functionality on the tree at all and it looks like I have to handle it all myself. The only other option is going through the postback to raise a new dialog to ask for confirmation.

    Anyone have a quicker way to do this? All I want to do is confirm the delete option.


    Updated: ok, I must have done something wrong because I can call the clientside function and it still acts properly. Is there a way I can change what happens after I return from the client side function. What I'd like it to be able to affect or cancel the server side post under certain conditions.

    Updated: ok, never mind, this was as simple as I had hoped it would be

    function TestIt(sender, eventArgs) {
      var item = eventArgs.get_menuItem();
      if (item.get_text() == "Delete") {
        if (!confirm("Do you really want to delete that item")) {

  2. Answer
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    Hi Stephen,

    Try the following client side  function attached with OnClientContextMenuItemClicking instead of OnClientContextMenuItemClicked, in order to cancel the server side ContextMenu click event.

    <script type="text/javascript"
    function TestIt(sender, eventArgs) 
        var item = eventArgs.get_menuItem(); 
        if (item.get_text() == "Delete"
            if (!confirm("Do you really want to delete that item")) 

    <telerik:RadTreeView ID="RadTreeView1" Runat="server" OnClientContextMenuItemClicking="TestIt" oncontextmenuitemclick="RadTreeView1_ContextMenuItemClick"

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