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ContentAreaMode="Div" break emoticons

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Andrew Dixon
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Andrew Dixon asked on 14 Aug 2010, 05:22 AM

I've just updated to the Q2 2010 release and changed my RadEditor from and iframe to a div using ContentAreaMode="Div", because we were having issues with the iframe.  It seems to be working well except that it has broken the emoticon button that I had set up.

This line of javascript now give an error of "editor.getToolByName("Emoticons") is null":

editor.getToolByName("Emoticons").get_element().className = "Emoticons";

My emoticon button is set up via a ToolsFile as follows:

    <tool Text="             " Name="Emoticons" type="dropdown" ItemsPerRow="5" Width="20px" PopupWidth="170px" PopupHeight="117px">
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/1.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/1.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/2.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/2.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/3.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/3.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/4.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/4.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/5.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/5.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/6.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/6.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/7.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/7.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/8.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/8.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/9.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/9.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/10.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/10.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/11.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/11.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/12.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/12.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/13.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/13.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/14.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/14.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/15.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/15.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/16.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/16.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/17.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/17.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/18.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/18.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/19.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/19.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/20.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/20.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/21.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/21.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/22.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/22.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/23.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/23.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/24.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/24.gif" />
        <item name="<img src='/images/emoticons/25.gif'/>" value="/images/emoticons/25.gif" />

This works fine when I have ContentAreaMode="Iframe" but is broken with ContentAreaMode="Div".

Any suggestions?

Andrew Dixon

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Telerik team
answered on 18 Aug 2010, 02:40 PM
Hello Andrew,

I tried to reproduce the reported problem but without success. For your convenience I have attached my test project to this forum message so that you can test it. Could you please modify the project to the point where the problem could be observed and send it via a support ticket?

I also attached a video demonstrating my test at:
You can see that there are not any JavaScript errors on the page.

Best regards,
the Telerik team
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Andrew Dixon
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