Complex Filtering With Rad Grid (Client-Side)

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    I have a RadGrid with client-side binding similar to the "ODataDataSource - Filtering, Sorting and Paging with RadGrid" example.  I have been able to add multiple filter conditions in the past by calling args.set_filterExpressions(filter); multiple times in the "requesting" function (see scripts.js in the example).  However, now I have a specification where I need to search multiple fields for a value (in addition to the other filters on the grid).  So the value might appear in column1,  column2, or column3.  An example of this kind of complex filtering is shown in the list view client-side filtering example

    What is the recommended way for a client-side bound RadGrid to have complex filtering expressions?  When calling args.set_filterExpressions(filter), any previous expression uses "AND" logic with the existing expressions.  My resulting filter would be an OData URL as in the list view OData filtering example:
    ((UnitPrice gt 25 and UnitsInStock lt 40) or (Discontinued ne true and startswith(ProductName,'I') eq true))

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    Hi Mark,

    To achieve the desired functionality you can try modifying directly the $filter parameter in RadODataDataSource’s Requesting event:
    <script type="text/javascript">
        function onRequesting(sender, args) {
            args.get_options().data.$filter = "((UnitPrice gt 25 and UnitsInStock lt 40) or (Discontinued ne true and startswith(ProductName,'I') eq true))";
    <telerik:RadODataDataSource runat="server" ID="RadODataDataSource1">
        <ClientEvents Requesting="onRequesting" />
    In that way you can build or concatenate complex filter expression and pass it to the $filter parameter. Also you can get formatted grid’s filter expression by using following code snippet:
    var filterExpressions =

    I hope this helps.


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