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  1. Cecilie Nordbø
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    Posted 31 Mar 2011 Link to this post

    I have a grid with a comboBox that use the event SelectedIndexChanged. AutoPostBack is set to true. The problem is that the event handler does not fired every time the comboBox index changed (in insert-mode), nearly never. When the index changed and it has not fired and i fill in values in some RadTextBox, then it fired when i save the new record. (I have also tried to use the OnTextChanged event and same happens here.)  The comboBox contain a list of companies and i use LinqDataSoure to get the companies.

    Here is the code i am using and the  comboBox that not work correctly is with the id= Company :

    protected void CompanyComboBox_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, RadComboBoxSelectedIndexChangedEventArgs e)
              var combo = (RadComboBox) sender;
              if (combo == null)
              var item = combo.NamingContainer is GridEditFormInsertItem ? (GridEditFormInsertItem)combo.NamingContainer : (GridEditFormItem)combo.NamingContainer;           
              var userNumberBox = (RadNumericTextBox)item.FindControl("UserNumber");
              string userNumber = userNumberBox.Text;
              string companyId = combo.SelectedValue;
              if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(userNumber) || string.IsNullOrEmpty(companyId))
              var firstNameBox = (RadTextBox)item.FindControl("FirstName");
              var lastNameBox = (RadTextBox)item.FindControl("lastName");
              User user = GetUser(userNumber, companyId);
              if (user != null)
                  firstNameBox.Text = user.FirstName;
                  lastNameBox.Text = user.LastName;
                  firstNameBox.Text = string.Empty;
                  lastNameBox.Text = string.Empty;

    <EditFormSettings EditFormType="Template">
               <EditColumn UniqueName="EditCommandColumn1" ></EditColumn>
                        <div id="column1" style="float:left;padding:10px;">
                            <div style="padding-bottom:7px;">
                                    <tr><td><asp:Label ID="NumberLabel" runat="server" Text="Brukernr.:"></asp:Label></td><td><telerik:RadNumericTextBox runat="server" OnTextChanged="UserNumberTextBox_TextChanged" AutoPostBack="true" ID="UserNumber" Width="107" DataType="System.Int32"><NumberFormat DecimalDigits="0" GroupSeparator=""/></telerik:RadNumericTextBox><asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator1" Text="*" ForeColor="Red" ControlToValidate="UserNumber" runat="server"/>
                                    <asp:Label ID="Label21" runat="server" Text="Aktiv"></asp:Label>
                                    <telerik:RadComboBox runat="server" ID="RadComboBoxActive" Width="45px" DataValueField="IsActive" AutoPostBack="true">
                                            <telerik:RadComboBoxItem Value="1" Text="Ja"/>
                                            <telerik:RadComboBoxItem Value="0" Text="Nei"/>
                                   <tr><td><asp:Label ID="CompanyLabel" runat="server" Text="Selskap/Avd.:"></asp:Label></td>
    td colspan="2"><telerik:RadComboBox  ID="Company" runat="server" OnSelectedIndexChanged="CompanyComboBox_SelectedIndexChanged" CausesValidation="true" AutoPostBack="true"   DataSourceID="CompanyDataSource"  DataTextField="Name" DataValueField="CompanyId"  EmptyMessage="Velg et element" AllowCustomText="true"></telerik:RadComboBox>
                                        <asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator3" Text="*" ForeColor="Red" ControlToValidate="Company" runat="server"/></td></tr>                                                                                               
                         <div id="column1b" style="float:left;padding:10px;">
                            <div style="padding-bottom:7px;">
                                    <tr><td><asp:Label ID="FirstNameLabel"  runat="server" Text="Fornavn:"></asp:Label></td><td><telerik:RadTextBox ID="FirstName"  runat="server"  Width="150" MaxLength="20"></telerik:RadTextBox><asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator2" Text="*" ForeColor="Red" ControlToValidate="FirstName" runat="server"/></td></tr>
                                    <tr><td><asp:Label ID="LastNameLabel"   runat="server" Text="Etternavn:"></asp:Label></td><td><telerik:RadTextBox ID="LastName"   runat="server" Width="150" MaxLength="20"></telerik:RadTextBox><asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator8" Text="*" ForeColor="Red" ControlToValidate="LastName" runat="server"/></td></tr>                           
  2. Dimitar Terziev
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    Posted 06 Apr 2011 Link to this post

    Hello Cecilie,

    The reason for the SelectedIndexChanged no being fired is the fact that you have a validation which fails when there is no text in your labels and thus the post-back is suppressed.
    This is why the event is fired only when you have text in your labels and the validation is passed.

    Dimitar Terziev
    the Telerik team
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