Combining Advanced Data-binding and declarative columns?

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    I am using advanced data binding to filter, sort, and page a Telerik RadGrid. Because the DataSource is set on the NeedDataSource event, the columns and filters are generated based off the structure of the DataSource. Is there a way for the DataSource's select statement to know what columns to put the data in if I explicitly create the columns in the aspx? Right now the select adds the columns in addition to the existing ones.





    protected void RadGrid1_NeedDataSource(object sender, GridNeedDataSourceEventArgs e) {
        //RadGrid1Select is a functioning filter/sort/page
        Select methodRadGridIsows.DataSource = RadGrid1Select();
        RadGridIsows.VirtualItemCount = count;


    I am able to customize column filters by putting them directly in the aspx, however this causes there to be a repeat column because the DataSource columns will bind to it anyways. If there is no way to access the RadGrid columns on databinding, is there a way to associate certain columns in the aspx with the DataSource's DataTable when binding?


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