Collapsing Rad Drop Down Tree nodes except the clicked node

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    I have rad drop down tree as below. When I click on one node in the drop down tree I am able to see the parent node getting expanded by using below client side script and if i click on other node the script executes and node gets expanded. Is there a way I can collapse all other nodes except the current clicked node?


    <telerik:RadDropDownTree RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="OfficeDropDownPrgFilter" runat="server" Width="500px"
                       ExpandNodeOnSingleClick="true"  AutoPostBack="true" OnClientEntryAdded="OnClientEntryAdded1" 
                        EnableFiltering="true" OnEntryAdded="OfficeDropDownPrgFilter_EntryAdded"> 
                        <DropDownSettings OpenDropDownOnLoad="true"  />
                        <FilterSettings Highlight="Matches" Filter="Contains" EmptyMessage="Type here to filter" />


    function OnClientEntryAdded1(sender, args) {
    var path = args.get_entry()._fullPath;
    var item = sender.get_embeddedTree().findNodeByText(args.get_entry().get_text());
    var node = item.get_parent();




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    Posted 03 Apr 2018 Link to this post

    Dont we have any feasibility for achieving the above functionality? 
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