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    Posted 20 Jul 2011 Link to this post

    I upgraded to the latest version of Telereik a couple days ago and am now experiencing problems with some features of the listbox. 

    Here is what i am donig:

    I have 2 RadListBoxes that are related. One is a list of categories and the other is a list of products. So that i can avoid using postbacks, I load all of the categories and all of the products into their respective boxes. Each product knows which category it belongs to so that when a category is selected, i can show that category's products using javascript. During an ajax callback, i select the first item and then during the OnClientLoad event of my products list, I hide all of the products except for the products of the selected category. Within the ClientLoad function, i use $find and the Client ID to find the 2 ListBoxes and modify the items. 
    Using v 2011.1.315.315, this all works great. After I updated to v2011.2.712.315, the page load breaks where i am trying to set up the initial state of the first selected item. After the upgrade, when i try to retrieve the Categories listbox using the ClientID and $find, it returns null and breaks my javascript.

    And to reiterate, this all works correctly in 2011.1.315.315. Did something change with the way OnClientLoad is handled or called?

    Also, everything does work correctly if Ajax is disabled, but that is not preferred, especially when i know that it works with Ajax in 2011.1.

  2. Genady Sergeev
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    Posted 25 Jul 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Apexunited,

    There were only minor changes in RadListBox between Q1 and Q2 and non of these change is related to the OnClientLoad event. I am not sure why the lisbox is failing on your side, could you please paste here sample page which reproduces the problem on your side so that we can take a look. Thanks.

    Genady Sergeev
    the Telerik team

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