Changing Toggle button text by it's index

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    I'm using the Radbutton with a checkbox toggle type and standardbutton button type.  I capture the text of the selected button(which are 3 types(fax,email,both-in that order).  I save the selected text to a database which is great.  I'm then trying to recall the data and assign the correct text to the button.  If the database text matches the indexed text, once I itterate through the control, I assign the ToggleStates(index).Text = Database text.  This doesn't seem to be working for me.  Below is a copy of my html and code behind.  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



    <telerik:RadButton ID="btnToggle2" CausesValidation="false" runat="server" ToggleType="CheckBox" ButtonType="StandardButton" Skin="Forest"




    AutoPostBack="False" >








    <telerik:RadButtonToggleState Text="Fax" Width="55px" />




    <telerik:RadButtonToggleState Text="Email" Width="55px" />




    <telerik:RadButtonToggleState Text="Both" Width="55px" />









    <<here i'm assigning the text to the correct indexed button>>





    Not IsDBNull(dt.Rows(0).Item("ZZ_ACH_VIA")) Then


    btnCorrespondenseACH.Checked =






    Dim index As Integer = 0




    If Not IsDBNull(dt.Rows(0).Item("ZZ_ACH_VIA")) Then


    index = FindToggleStates(dt.Rows(0).Item(


    "ZZ_ACH_VIA"), btnToggle2)




    'btnToggle2.SelectedToggleStateIndex = index




    End If


    btnToggle2.ToggleStates(index).Selected =




    btnToggle2.ToggleStates(index).Text = dt.Rows(0).Item(






    End If


    << I used the function below to get the correct index by the text matching the button text.>>




    FindToggleStates(strText As String, oBtn As Telerik.Web.UI.RadButton) As Integer




    Dim iRetVal As Integer = 0




    For i As Integer = 0 To oBtn.ToggleStates.Count - 1




    If String.Compare(oBtn.ToggleStates.Item(i).Text, strText, True) = 0 Then


    iRetVal = i



    Exit For




    End If








    Return iRetVal




    End Function


  2. Dwayne Moore
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    Posted 21 Nov 2011 Link to this post

    Figured it out.  If I just set the text and not worry about setting the correct index, it gets me the desired result.

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