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Changing page size in a dynamically created grid

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Marc asked on 19 Apr 2010, 03:35 PM
I got a grid which is created in code-behind and where ViewState is disabled. The grid has a pager. My problem is that the grid does not keep its state and therefore the entry of the pager is reset to the standard entry.
Is there a possibility to use a pager in such a scenario?

Here is my code for the grid:
private void setGridProperties(RadGrid grid) 
            grid.ID = "rgTreeList"
            grid.EnableViewState = false
            grid.AutoGenerateColumns = false
            grid.AllowSorting = true
            grid.AllowPaging = true
            grid.AllowMultiRowSelection = true
            grid.AllowFilteringByColumn = false
            grid.GridLines = GridLines.None; 
            grid.Width = Unit.Percentage(100); 
            grid.HeaderStyle.Width = Unit.Pixel(150); 
            grid.AllowMultiRowSelection = true
            grid.MasterTableView.PagerStyle.Mode = GridPagerMode.NextPrevNumericAndAdvanced; 
            grid.ClientSettings.EnableRowHoverStyle = true
            grid.ClientSettings.Selecting.AllowRowSelect = true
            grid.ClientSettings.Scrolling.AllowScroll = true
            grid.ClientSettings.Scrolling.UseStaticHeaders = true
            grid.ClientSettings.Scrolling.SaveScrollPosition = true
            grid.ClientSettings.Resizing.AllowColumnResize = true
            grid.ClientSettings.Resizing.ClipCellContentOnResize = false
            grid.ClientSettings.Resizing.EnableRealTimeResize = true
            grid.ClientSettings.Resizing.ResizeGridOnColumnResize = true
            grid.MasterTableView.DataKeyNames = new string[] { "E_ID" }; 
            grid.MasterTableView.OverrideDataSourceControlSorting = true
            grid.MasterTableView.PageSize = 15;  
            grid.GroupingSettings.CaseSensitive = false
            grid.MasterTableView.PagerStyle.Width = 1000; 
            grid.MasterTableView.OverrideDataSourceControlSorting = true
            grid.MasterTableView.EnableColumnsViewState = false

Thanks for your help.

Best regards

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Telerik team
answered on 20 Apr 2010, 07:56 AM
Hi Uwe,

Please, note that the NextPrevNumericAndAdvanced grid pager type requires the ViewState of the control to be enabled. However, a possible solution for your case would be to store the grid ViewState in the Session (after it is enabled) as explained in the help article below:
Saving the grid ViewState in Session

Sincerely yours,
the Telerik team

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