Change End date on resource selected index changed.

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     I have added resource control which is showing fine in radschedule  advance form. I need to change end date and time according to selected value from the added resource, however unable to find selected index changed event of added resource!! Do I need to implement AdvancedForm.ascx for that or should I use “AdvancedInsertTemplate” “AdvancedEditTemplate”  with normal dropdown?

    If I implement second approach getting issue in “AdvancedInsertTemplate” and “AdvancedEditTemplate” while retrieving reoccurrence rules and parent ID…. 

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    well I implemented AdvancedForm.ascx however it's very slow.. Any suggestion ?
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    Here is one possible solution:
    <script type="text/javascript"
           var endTimeHours = null
           function OnClientSelectedIndexChanged(sender, args) { 
               var endTimePickerId = document.getElementById("HiddenField1").value; 
               var endTimePicker = $find(endTimePickerId); 
               var endTime = endTimePicker.get_selectedDate();            
               var hourIncrement = 0; 
               if (endTimeHours == null
                   endTimeHours = endTime.getHours(); 
               var selectedItemText = args.get_item().get_text(); 
               if (selectedItemText == "Lesson B (2 hours)"
                   hourIncrement = 1; 
               else if (selectedItemText == "Lesson C (3 hours)"
                   hourIncrement = 2; 
               else if (selectedItemText == "Lesson D (4 hours)"
                   hourIncrement = 3; 
               endTime.setHours(endTimeHours + hourIncrement); 
       <asp:HiddenField ID="HiddenField1" runat="server" /> 
       <telerik:RadScheduler runat="server" ID="RadScheduler1" 

    protected void RadScheduler1_FormCreated(object sender, SchedulerFormCreatedEventArgs e) 
           if (e.Container.Mode == SchedulerFormMode.AdvancedEdit || e.Container.Mode == SchedulerFormMode.AdvancedInsert) 
               RadComboBox resLessonComboBox = e.Container.FindControl("ResLesson") as RadComboBox; 
               resLessonComboBox.OnClientSelectedIndexChanged = "OnClientSelectedIndexChanged"
               RadTimePicker endTimePicker = e.Container.FindControl("EndTime") as RadTimePicker; 
               HiddenField1.Value = endTimePicker.ClientID; 

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    the Telerik team

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