Can you store additional data with radTreeView?

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  1. David
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    Nov 2012

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    Hi, Can I somehow add additional data to a treeview node AND access it through javascript?  For example, what if I wanted to bind "category" data to be stored with each node below?

    siteData.Add(new SiteDataItem(6, 2, "RadEditor", "editor"));
    siteData.Add(new SiteDataItem(7, 3, "RadGrid", "grid"));
    siteData.Add(new SiteDataItem(8, 3, "RadMenu", "menu"));
    siteData.Add(new SiteDataItem(9, 3, "RadEditor", "editor")); 
    treeView.DataTextField = "Text";
    treeView.DataFieldID = "ID";
    treeView.DataValueField = "Value";
    treeView.DataFieldParentID = "ParentID";
    treeView.DataSource = siteData;

    ...Can I then pull the category value using javascript similar to how I access the value or text?


    "RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax"

  2. Kevin
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    Hey David,

    You could handle the OnNodeDataBound event of the RadTreeView and set the category that way. Like so:

    protected void RadTreeView1_NodeDataBound(object sender, RadTreeNodeEventArgs e)
           SiteDataItem dataItem = (SiteDataItem)e.Node.DataItem;
           e.Node.Category = dataItem.Category;

    Then in javascript you can the category like so:


    I hope that helps.
  3. David
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    Nov 2012

    Posted 08 Dec 2012 Link to this post

    Thanks! that worked.
  4. Marbry
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    Posted 13 Dec 2012 Link to this post

    I just been adding attributes to nodes as needed to store additional data.

    Set it on the server.
    myRadTreeViewNode.Attributes.Add("MaxLength", MaxLengthValue);

    Retrieve it on the client.
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