Async FileUpload in ImageManager not working when using DBContentProvider

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    Posted 27 Oct 2015 Link to this post


    I have put in place the DBContentProvider as per following link - .

    I can get the demo example shown in there working absolutely fine.  I put this into my application and while the postback upload method works ( with ImageManager.EnableAsyncUpload=false ), when set in AsyncMode it gets as far as uploading the file to temp directly, but then the "Upload" button in the dialog remains as disabled and never allows me to click it.

    I am using the very latest version of the DLLs ( ).  The DBContentProvider demo pages work fine with that.

    With Fiddler, I can see a call being made to Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource.axd?type=rau and a response is made as follows:

     {"fileInfo":{"FileName":"​testfile.jpg","ContentType":"image/jpeg","ContentLength":146413,"DateJson":"2014-03-25T18:20:17.532Z","Index":0}, "metaData":"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" }​

    I have checked permissions of that folder as best I can and ​tried giving full permissions for everything.   However it would seem to have enough permissions to write into the folder in the first place.  I have also tried debugging at all methods in my DBContentPRovider class, but it never gets in there.

     Any ideas?



  2. Vessy
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    Posted 28 Oct 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Gareth,

    I tested the content provider from the linked by you resource with enabled async upload, but everything behaved well on my side. I have made my test by modifying the following live demo, by enabling its async yploa functionality: FileExplorer - Custom File Content Provider. Can you download our live demos application and see whether it is working also on your side? 

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