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    So far the radscheduler has proved to be a very useful asset. However I am stuck with one issue. As part of my apptemplate on the instantiation of the control I want to set the 'Appointment' with the 'data-toggle', 'data-placement' and 'title' attributes in order to use a Bootstrap 3 tooltip rather than the generic one. At runtime it ignores what I've set and sets the title as the content of the appointment. 

    Is there a way to do this? Or is something happening in the background which removes it. Example below. None of the 'app.Attributes' get appended.

    public void InstantiateIn(Control container)
                    SchedulerAppointmentContainer aptCont = (SchedulerAppointmentContainer)container;
                    Appointment app = aptCont.Appointment;
                    app.Attributes.Add("data-toggle", "tooltip");
                    app.Attributes.Add("data-placement", "right");
                    app.Attributes.Add("title", "Radscheduler is the best!");
                    LinkButton lbs = new LinkButton();
                    lbs.ID = "btnConductAppointment";
                    lbs.Text = "This is a linkbutton";
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    Peter Milchev
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    Hello Milton,

    The title attribute is not saved in the Attributes collection of the appointments. Nevertheless, you can control this by setting the ToolTip property of the Appointment: 

    protected void RadScheduler1_AppointmentDataBound(object sender, SchedulerEventArgs e)
        e.Appointment.ToolTip = "Radscheduler is the best!";

    Regarding the other attributes, you can access them on the client side with the client-side API: Then you can set the attributes in the Sys.Application.Load event: 

    <%-- --%>
    <telerik:RadCodeBlock runat="server">
            function pageLoadHandler() {
                var scheduler = $find("<%= RadScheduler1.ClientID %>");
                scheduler.get_appointments().forEach(function (apt) {
                    var attributes = apt.get_attributes();
                    attributes.forEach(function (key, value) {
                        apt.get_element().setAttribute(key, value);
                // Sys.Application.remove_load(pageLoadHandler); 

    We have also created a KB article for this scenario: Apply custom HTML attributes to the Scheduler appointment.

    Peter Milchev
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  3. Milton
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    Posted 07 Dec 2018 in reply to Peter Milchev Link to this post



    Thank you for the reply. This was useful information and helped me achieve what I needed to.

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