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Appoinments are not displaying properly how to re order view tabs

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This is a migrated thread and some comments may be shown as answers.
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Bhas asked on 01 Nov 2012, 10:08 AM
i am binding a dataTable. 

  1. How to re arrange views in this order DayView-WeekView-MultiDayView -MonthView- TimelineView

I want to do some work when i move my mouse over the appointment like displaying delete image on hover.

2. But there is no onmouseover event for the appointment. How can i achieve this.

3. I have multiple appoitnments on oct 1st. In my month view its not showing properly.But in Day view its showing properly.

 I have attached the Image.

Here is my RadSchedular code.
<telerik:RadScheduler ID="radScheduler" runat="server" Height="90%" Skin="Forest" EnableEmbeddedSkins="False"
                OnAppointmentCreated="radScheduler_AppointmentCreated" OnAppointmentDataBound="radScheduler_AppointmentDataBound"
                OnNavigationComplete="radScheduler_NavigationComplete" EnableResourceEditing="False" OnClientAppointmentDoubleClick="appointmentDoubleClick"
                AdvancedForm-Enabled="false" AllowInsert="False" RowHeight="20px" Localization-HeaderMultiDay="Work Week"
                NumberOfHoveredRows="1" EnableAdvancedForm="False" SelectedView="MonthView" EnableExactTimeRendering="True" Width="100%" >
                <AdvancedForm Modal="false" Enabled="false" />
                <DayView DayStartTime="08:00:00"  EnableExactTimeRendering="true" />
                <MonthView VisibleAppointmentsPerDay="4" />
                <WeekView DayStartTime="08:00:00" EnableExactTimeRendering="true" />
                <MultiDayView DayStartTime="08:00:00" UserSelectable="true" NumberOfDays="5" />
                <Localization HeaderMultiDay="Work Week"></Localization>
                <TimelineView SlotDuration="1:00:00" ColumnHeaderDateFormat="HH:mm" EnableExactTimeRendering="True" NumberOfSlots="7" />
                <Reminders Enabled="true" />
                    <div style="float: left;">
                        <a id="achSubject" href="javascript:alert('Navigate to Open Appointment')">
                            <%# Eval("Subject") %>
                        <div class="rsAptReminder" style="display: <%# Eval("alarm_on") %>"></div>
                        <%--<img alt="" src="Images/reminder.gif" height="16px" width="16px" style="display: <%# Eval("alarm_on") %>" />--%>
                    <div class="rsAptAct" style="padding-left: 2px; float: left; padding-top:2px; vertical-align:bottom;"">
                        <img alt="" width="12px" height="10px"  src="<%# AppointmentTypeImage(Eval("act_type")) %>" />
                    <div style="float: left; padding-left: 0px;">
                        <div style="float: left; display: <%# AppointmentRecuuringImage(Eval("recurring_id"),Eval("outlook_recurrence_id_range")) %>;" class="rsAptRecurrence">
                        <%--<img alt="" height="16px" width="16px" src="Images/recur.gif" style="display: <%# AppointmentRecuuringImage(Eval("recurring_id"),Eval("outlook_recurrence_id_range")) %>" />--%>

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answered on 01 Nov 2012, 10:34 AM
I have timezone issue also. I am unable to understand the time zone feature in RadSchedular.

Ex: I have all my appointment (Start date and end date) are in UTC. I ma in IST(My PC timezone) if i bind the data to schedular which time zone it will consider. Means whether schedular will convert all the appointments to my timezone (IST) and shows are just it will bind what the data i gave it. please clarify.

one more scenrio:

I have a All day event created in PST(Pacific Time Zone (UTC -8)) created in i saved the appointment in DB as UTC lets say i created a all day event for 2nd Nov 2012 in PST(Start date is 02.11.12 00:00:00 end date 03.11.12 00:00:00) when i convert in to UTC it convert to
start date 02.11.12 08:00:00 and end date to 03.11.12 08:00:00 when i bind this utc data to schedular it showing properly but when i changed the scheduler timezoneid = PST it should show the item in alldayRow but its not showing.

Please do the needfull
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