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       I just installed Rad Editor Lite and I got it working just fine. I also added the Ajax Spell Check, and it is awesome! I am having an issue though:

    I added the ApplyClass tool in the ListToolsFile.xml and now the ApplyClass dropdown appears on the wiki editor like i wanted, except that it is broken. It shows a "bad image" like a webpage would when it cannot find an image, and the function does not work. I followed the guidelines and created the CssEditor.css file in the proper location (_wpresources/RadEditorSharePoint/, and i even added the line to the CORE.CSS file that is outlined in the "Defining Custom CSS Styles" guide in the .chm file.

    I think i put it in the right place, but is there a specific place to put the @import url("/_wpresources/RadEditorSharePoint/"); line? It is near the top after the comment of the version: 

    /* _lcid="1033" _version="12.0.4518"
    @import url("/_wpresources/RadEditorSharePoint/");
    _LocalBinding */

    After doing this, i added classes to the ListToolsFile.xml such as this:

            <class name="Filename" value=".GUI-Filename" />
            <class name="Menu" value=".GUI-Menu" />
            <class name="Button" value=".GUI-Button" />
     <class name="User Input" value=".GUI-UserInput" />
     <class name="Prompt" value=".GUI-Prompt" />
     <class name="Icon" value=".GUI-Icon" />

    which matches what is in my CssEditor.css file:

    .GUI-Filename { font-family: Courier; text-decoration: underline }
    .GUI-Menu    { font-weight: bold }
    .GUI-Button  { text-decoration: underline; font-weight: bold }
    .GUI-UserInput { font-family: Courier; font-style: italic }
    .GUI-Prompt  { font-family: Courier; font-weight: bold }
    .GUI-Icon {
     font-style: oblique;
     font-weight: bold;

    Is this not the correct setup that i need? Are there any steps i am missing? Is my CSS set up wrong? Also, I noticed that the HtmlEditorTableFormats.css and HtmlEditorCustomStyles.css files do not exist in my installation, but I am running Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 on a Windows Server 2003 environment. The .chm file says they should be located here: /Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/web server extensions/12/Template/Layouts/1033/Styles

    Any help would be useful. Some links in other forum threads for Telerik guides are broken now.

  2. Brad
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    May 2009

    Posted 12 May 2009 Link to this post

    Turns out I had everything set up just fine, except I wasn't Case Sensitive in my adding of the ApplyClass tool to the ListToolsFile.xml. Note to self, check capital letters!

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