Adding zones and docks purely through client-side script?

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  1. mike
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    Hi all.  I've been looking through the Dynamic Docks example and was wondering whether there were a way to add docks and zones exclusively through client-side script?

    What I'm ultimately trying to do (and trying to decide if we can leverage the RadDock and zone controls for this) is to have a series of docks on the screen in a single zone, with each dock acting as a container for a zone and other docks... in this case, the container docks are Categories and the child docks are Items within those categories.  The items should be sortable within a category, and draggable to other categories.  The categories themselves should be sortable as well.

    I have a simple example with some pre-defined category and item docks working as a proof-of-concept to show that we could have nested docks this way.  But I would then need to allow a user the ability client-side to create new categories and items as well.  Can we mimic a $create(Telerik.Web.UI.RadDoc...) call within a client button's onclick event or otherwise create the new docks/zones from javascript?
  2. Obi-Wan Kenobi
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    RadDock couldn't be created on the client with JavaScript, because it has a Server side rendering.
    The only one way to create the RadDock is with (Postback/Ajax call)

    You can add RadDockZone into a RadDock.
    Also you can use the RadDockZone.dock() method to rearange RaDDocks on the client. You can find more about it here:
  3. mike
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    Hi Obi-Wan.  I appreciate your reply.  I was able in fact to get a purely client-side creation functionality working.  You are correct in the rendering issue; if the creation is happening through ajax, the server-side control rendering can apply.  In my code I had to render the visual appearance of docks client-side in addition to calling $create(...) for the dock object itself.  I am essentially mimicking the server-side control rendering via the DOM. 

  4. Stephen Austin
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    Can you post any info on how you were able to accomplish this?

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