Add RadToolTip to a Custom RadWindow Command Button

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  1. Xorcist
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    Posted 01 May 2013 Link to this post

    I have used this tutorial:

    to add a custom button to the title bar of my RadWindow. I now want to add a RadToolTip to that button, so that when I click it I get a nice sticky tooltip which I can use in various ways. but for the life of me I can't get it working. Does anyone have any examples of doing this? I've tried specifying a unique ID for my command button, then using that in conjunction with the tooltip, but it doesn't appear to be working.

    my tooltip is defined as such:

    <telerik:RadToolTip Animation="Slide" ID="shellRadToolTip" IsClientID="true" Position="BottomLeft" runat="server" ShowEvent="OnClick" style="z-index:10000 !important;" TargetControlID="btnSwitchSite">

    my custom button looks like this:

    <li><a id="btnSwitchSite" class="rwControlButtonSite" href="javascript:void(0)" ></a></li>

    and if I add this code and try to handle it manually:

    <li><a id="btnSwitchSite" class="rwControlButtonSite" href="javascript:void(0)" onmousedown="winShell_Site(event);"></a></li>

    function winShell_Site(e) {
      var radToolTip = $find('<%= shellRadToolTip.ClientID %>');
      radToolTip.set_text('This is the new tool tip text to display');;

    the tooltip will only show if I uncomment the alert, but it does so at the bottom of the RadWindow, and not anywhere near the control it should be associated with.
  2. Answer
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    Hello Xorcist,

    If you modify the OnClientShow event like so:
    function OnClientShow(radWindow) {
                var TitleBar = radWindow.GetTitlebar();
                var parent = TitleBar.parentNode;
                var oUL = parent.getElementsByTagName('UL')[0];
                if (!( == "customprintbuttonID")) // Check if the element is already added
                    // If not - create and add the custom button
           = "192px";
                    var oLI = document.createElement("LI");
           = "customprintbuttonID"
                    var A = document.createElement("A");
                    A.className = "customprintbutton";
                    //A.href = "javascript:void(0)";
                    A.title = "Print Content";
                   // A.onmousedown = printWin;
                    oUL.insertBefore(oLI, oUL.firstChild);
                    var radToolTip = $find('<%= shellRadToolTip.ClientID %>');
                    //this is required so that RadWindow can display its titlebar properly after being modified

    I hope that helps.

  3. Xorcist
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    Posted 02 May 2013 Link to this post

    Thanks. Looks like I was just missing the set_targetControl(); part, once I added that in everything worked as expected.

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