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    I have a context menu where I add new nodes. I used this example to create the context menu: My issue is that when a user add's a new node I need to capture what the user names the node, so that I can add it to the database. Currently the code uses javascript to set the node as editable on Page Load.

    How do I go about capturing the text value the user inputs when adding a new node?


    <script type="text/javascript">
        function onClientContextMenuShowing(sender, args) {
            var treeNode = args.get_node();
            //enable/disable menu items
            setMenuItemsState(args.get_menu().get_items(), treeNode);
        function onClientContextMenuItemClicking(sender, args) {
            var menuItem = args.get_menuItem();
            var treeNode = args.get_node();
            switch (menuItem.get_value()) {
                case "Rename":
                case "addLocation":
        //this method disables the appropriate context menu items
        function setMenuItemsState(menuItems, treeNode) {
            for (var i = 0; i < menuItems.get_count(); i++) {
                var menuItem = menuItems.getItem(i);
                switch (menuItem.get_value()) {
                    case "Rename":
                        formatMenuItem(menuItem, treeNode, 'Rename "{0}"');
                    case "addLocation":
                        if (treeNode.get_parent() == treeNode.get_treeView()) {
                        else {
            //formats the Text of the menu item
            function formatMenuItem(menuItem, treeNode, formatString) {
                var nodeValue = treeNode.get_value();
                if (nodeValue && nodeValue.indexOf("_Private_") == 0) {
                else {
                var newText = String.format(formatString, extractTitleWithoutMails(treeNode));
            //checks if the text contains (digit)
            function hasNodeMails(treeNode) {
                return treeNode.get_text().match(/\([\d]+\)/ig);
            //removes the brackets with the numbers,e.g. Inbox (30)
            function extractTitleWithoutMails(treeNode) {
                return treeNode.get_text().replace(/\s*\([\d]+\)\s*/ig, "");


    <telerik:RadAjaxLoadingPanel ID="LocationsLoadingPanel" runat="server" Transparency="30" Skin="Vista"></telerik:RadAjaxLoadingPanel>
            <telerik:RadAjaxPanel ID="LocationsPanel" runat="server" LoadingPanelID="LocationsLoadingPanel">
                <telerik:RadTreeView ID="LocationsTreeView" runat="server" EnableDragAndDrop="true"  MultipleSelect="true" EnableDragAndDropBetweenNodes="true"
                AllowNodeEditing="true" OnContextMenuItemClick="LocationsTreeView_ContextMenuItemClick" OnClientContextMenuItemClicking="onClientContextMenuItemClicking"
                OnClientContextMenuShowing="onClientContextMenuShowing" OnNodeEdit="LocationsTreeView_NodeEdit">
                        <telerik:RadTreeViewContextMenu ID="MainContextMenu" runat="server">
                                <telerik:RadMenuItem Value="Rename" Text="Rename ..." Enabled="true" ImageUrl="images/icons/edit_48.png"
                                <telerik:RadMenuItem IsSeparator="true">
                                <telerik:RadMenuItem Value="addLocation" Text="Add Location" ImageUrl="images/icons/add_16.png">
                            <CollapseAnimation Type="none" />


    protected void LocationsTreeView_ContextMenuItemClick(object sender, RadTreeViewContextMenuEventArgs e)
        RadTreeNode clickedNode = e.Node;
        switch (e.MenuItem.Value)
            case "addLocation":
                RadTreeNode newLocation = new RadTreeNode(string.Format("Add Location"));
                newLocation.Selected = true;
                newLocation.ImageUrl = clickedNode.ImageUrl;
                clickedNode.Expanded = true;
                //update the number in the brackets
                if (Regex.IsMatch(clickedNode.Text, unreadPattern))
                    clickedNode.Text = Regex.Replace(clickedNode.Text, unreadPattern, "(" + clickedNode.Nodes.Count.ToString() + ")");
                clickedNode.Font.Bold = true;
                //set node's value so we can find it in startNodeInEditMode
                newLocation.Value = newLocation.GetFullPath("/");
                // Add Location Record to Database
                string ParentID = clickedNode.Value;
                Guid ID = Guid.NewGuid();
                string LocationID = ID.ToString();
                string Name = newLocation.Text;
                LocationsTreeView_AddLocation(ParentID, LocationID, Name);
            case "Delete":
    private void startNodeInEditMode(string nodeValue)
        //find the node by its Value and edit it when page loads
        string js = "Sys.Application.add_load(editNode); function editNode(){ ";
        js += "var tree = $find(\"" + LocationsTreeView.ClientID + "\");";
        js += "var node = tree.findNodeByValue('" + nodeValue + "');";
        js += "if (node) node.startEdit();";
        js += "Sys.Application.remove_load(editNode);};";
        RadScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(Page, Page.GetType(), "nodeEdit", js, true);
    // Used when adding a Location
    protected void LocationsTreeView_AddLocation(string ParentID, string LocationID, string Name)
        // Set parameters for insert
        locationDataSource.InsertParameters["LocationID"].DefaultValue = LocationID;
        locationDataSource.InsertParameters["ParentID"].DefaultValue = ParentID;
        locationDataSource.InsertParameters["Name"].DefaultValue = Name;
       // locationDataSource.Insert();
    // Used when renaming a Location
    protected void LocationsTreeView_NodeEdit(object sender, RadTreeNodeEditEventArgs e)
        // Update Name on client side
        e.Node.Text = e.Text;
        // Update Name in database
        locationDataSource.UpdateParameters["Name"].DefaultValue = e.Text;
        locationDataSource.UpdateParameters["ID"].DefaultValue = e.Node.Value;

  2. Answer
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    Posted 24 Jun 2011 Link to this post

    Hi William,

    The text of the added node is available server-side in the NodeEdit event when the user presses 'Enter'.
    I recorded a video for your reference.

    the Telerik team

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