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    This may seem like a strange request but here goes.  I want to be able to customise the editor to allow a user to choose a pre-defined style.  For example "Paragraph Red".  I am sure this is pretty simple and the behaviour i would expect would be the HTML to look something like this:

    <p class="Paragraph Red">This is some test text</p>

    However, what i want to do is allow the user to choose "Paragraph Red" but the generated HTML to add a style tag to the selected element with the style information from the predefined style.  E.g.

    <p style="color: red">This is some test text</p>

    My reason for doing this is i want to build a user friendly interface for generating our HTML newsletters.  Unfortunately a lot of mail clients (especially the web based ones) require inline styles to be used for the output to be rendered correctly.
  2. Stanimir
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    Posted 05 May 2011 Link to this post

    Hello Dave,

    Check the following example:
    <telerik:RadEditor runat="server" ID="RadEditor1" >
            <telerik:EditorParagraph Tag="<p style='color: red;'>" Title="<p style='color: red;'>red Paragraph</p>"/>
            <telerik:EditorParagraph Tag="<p style='color: green;'>" Title="<p style='color: green;'>green Paragraph</p>"/>
            <telerik:EditorParagraph Tag="<p style='color: blue;'>" Title="<p style='color: blue;'>blue Paragraph</p>"/>

    I created a small video where you can see how it works:

    the Telerik team

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  3. Dave
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    Posted 06 May 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Stanimir,

    Thank you very much for your response. That is exactly what i was looking for.


    Dave Clayton
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