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Add custom attributes to appointments on web service bound Scheduler

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Prava kafle
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Prava kafle asked on 30 Aug 2013, 02:56 PM

I am  replacing ADO.NET data source  of Radscheduler with web service.
On  previous one, I had appointment template  that used custom attributes  inserted  on appointment data bound  event, how can I add custom attributes to  show appointment template  with this new databinding environment?

 protected void TicketsSchedule_AppointmentDataBound(object sender, SchedulerEventArgs e)
            e.Appointment.Attributes["MTaskID"] = row["MasterTaskID"].ToString();
            e.Appointment.Attributes["TaskID"] = row["SubTaskID"].ToString();
            e.Appointment.Attributes["ProjectID"] = row["ProjectID"].ToString();

 <telerik:RadScheduler runat="server"  ID="RadScheduler1"    OnResourcesPopulating="RadScheduler1_ResourcesPopulating"  SelectedView="TimelineView"  EnableCustomAttributeEditing="True"   OnClientDataBound="onSchedulerDataBound"
                  OnClientAppointmentsPopulating="OnClientAppointmentsPopulating"  Width="1900px" Height="900px"    OverflowBehavior="Scroll"   OnClientResourcesPopulating="OnClientResourcesPopulating" 
                               AppointmentStyleMode="Default" >
                                <AppointmentTemplate >
                                            <div id="ApptImageDiv" style="text-align:right; position:absolute; width:95%;" >
                                                 <asp:Image ID="ApptAttachmentImg" runat="server"  Width="16px" Height="17px"  CssClass="ShowAttachment"

                                    <%#Eval("Subject") %>  
                            </AppointmentTemplate >
                            <DayView UserSelectable="True" GroupBy="TechName" GroupingDirection="Horizontal" />
                            <WeekView UserSelectable="True" GroupBy="TechName" GroupingDirection="Vertical"  />
Any idea?


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Boyan Dimitrov
Telerik team
answered on 03 Sep 2013, 02:52 PM

Thank you for contacting Telerik Support.

Please find attached a sample project showing a RadScheduler control populated via web service. In the folder App_Code you may find the web service implementation (MyDbSchedulerProvider.cs) and specifically the method GetAppointments. An easy and convenient way of adding a custom attribute to the appointment object would be to follow the approach shown in the code snippet below:
//code behind
while (reader.Read())
                    Appointment apt = new Appointment();
                    apt.ID = reader["ClassID"];
                    apt.Subject = Convert.ToString(reader["Subject"]);
                    apt.Start = DateTime.SpecifyKind(Convert.ToDateTime(reader["Start"]), DateTimeKind.Utc);
                    apt.End = DateTime.SpecifyKind(Convert.ToDateTime(reader["End"]), DateTimeKind.Utc);
                    apt.RecurrenceRule = Convert.ToString(reader["RecurrenceRule"]);
                    apt.RecurrenceParentID = reader["RecurrenceParentId"] == DBNull.Value ? null : reader["RecurrenceParentId"];
                    apt.Attributes.Add("customAttr", "sample value");

That way you can access your appointment custom attribute value on the client side or use it in your appointment template.

Hope that this will be helpful.

Boyan Dimitrov
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Prava kafle
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Boyan Dimitrov
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