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    I currently have a PanelBar with 4 PanelBarItems. I recently started adding AJAX to my page using AJAX Manger, AJAX Manager Proxy, and AJAX Loading Panel. All has gone well until I tried AJAXifying my RadPanelBar.

    To start off, lets call my  4 PanelBarItems Item1, Item2, Item3, and Item4.

    In Item1, Users are given a bunch of options to Create a report the way they want it. After choosing their options they can click the "Build Report" button to Generate the Report. After the user has clicked the button a number of things happen:

    1. The options of the report are inputted, starting the Method to dynamically create the Report.
    2. Item1 is closed
    3. The Report is then Viewed in a ReportViewer in Item4
    4. Item4 is expanded to show the dynamic report.

    Now, this all works fine without using AJAX and doing a full postback, but unfortunately it would be a lot smoother if this could happen with AJAX.
    I have set up Panels around the contents of each item for Refreshing Panels and such, and this all works great, but I am having trouble Closing and Opening RadPanelItems with AJAX. I have also tried setting up a Panel around the whole PanelBar, but had no such luck getting this to work properly. I have also tried setting the UpdatedControls to the PanelBar ID itself, but also no luck.

    Is it possible to expand, contract and update PanelBarItems with AJAX?

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    Hi Landon,

    Could you please send us a simplified version of you page because currently  I'm not able to understand the exact scenario? Thanks in advance

    the Telerik team
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