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  1. Matt
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    I'd like to add a custom form to show some read-only details about an appointment as a modal popup, sort of like the Advanced Form but simpler and without the ability to change any values. Is this possible?
    I have a rt-click context menu set up already to trigger this form, but I can't figure out a way within Scheduler. I can do it with a standard modal popup from my page, but would prefer to use something that comes from Scheduler if possible. Thanks!
  2. Stuart Hemming
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    Are you looking to do this so your form shows instead of the Advanced Form in some cases?

    If not, all you need to is call a JavaScript function to open a RadWindow with your form in it.

    If on the other hand what you are trying to do is handle the normal Scheduler events to show your form under some conditions and the regular form under others, then the FormCreating event is your friend.

    Basically, you wire up the FormCreating event, test to see if the conditions are right for your custom form, if they are, set e.Cancel = true and call code to open your own form. If they aren't just let the Scheduler do it's thing.

    Hope this helps. Sorry if I've misunderstood your requirements.

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