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    Dear sirs

    I have added 4 new resource types Task,Client,Infotype,Status
    Im facing 2 problems
    1. I could not access these controls from codebehind
    below im given you a sample of finding <Task> the dd_combo return nothing the same happens if i try to find the other 4
    resources <client,infotype,status>
    2. I will like to know how can i handle advancedform validation for these 4 new resources when user press the save button, i have tried all javascript sample you provided in forums with no luck

    Sub rs_FormCreated(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Telerik.Web.UI.SchedulerFormCreatedEventArgs) Handles rs.FormCreated



    If ((e.Container.Mode = Telerik.Web.UI.SchedulerFormMode.AdvancedEdit) _



    OrElse (e.Container.Mode = Telerik.Web.UI.SchedulerFormMode.AdvancedInsert)) Then







    Dim ddl_combo As radcombobox= DirectCast(e.Container.FindControl("task"), radcombobox)







    End If







    end Sub






    telerik:RadScheduler runat="server" ID="rs" SelectedDate="2007/03/30"



    TimeZoneOffset="03:00:00" StartEditingInAdvancedForm="true"






    StartInsertingInAdvancedForm="true" Width="100%" Height="500px"



    DataKeyField="ID" DataSubjectField="Subject" DataStartField="Start" DataEndField="End"



    DataRecurrenceField="RecurrenceRule" DataRecurrenceParentKeyField="RecurrenceParentID"



    Culture="Greek (Greece)" EditFormDateFormat="dd/MM/yy" Skin="Office2007">



    <AdvancedForm Modal="True" DateFormat="dd/MM/yy"/>






    # Eval("Subject")%>











    <telerik:ResourceType KeyField="taskID" Name="Task" TextField="descr" ForeignKeyField="taskid"



    DataSourceID="taskds" />



    <telerik:ResourceType KeyField="ID" Name="Client" TextField="UserName" ForeignKeyField="UserID"



    DataSourceID="usersds" />



    <telerik:ResourceType KeyField="informID" Name="InfoType" TextField="descr" ForeignKeyField="informid"



    DataSourceID="informds" />



    <telerik:ResourceType KeyField="StatusID" Name="Status" TextField="descr" ForeignKeyField="StatusID"



    DataSourceID="statusds" />







    <TimeSlotContextMenuSettings EnableDefault="True" />



    <AppointmentContextMenuSettings EnableDefault="True" />





  2. Plamen
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    Posted 22 Jun 2011 Link to this post


    We inspected your code and it seems that the ID in the FindControl method should be different- "Restask" instead of just "task':

    Dim scheduler As RadScheduler = TryCast(sender, RadScheduler)
    Dim co As RadComboBox = TryCast(e.Container.FindControl("ResRoom"), RadComboBox)

    Regarding the validation issue here is a sample code:

    Protected Sub RadScheduler1_AppointmentInsert(sender As Object, e As AppointmentInsertEventArgs)
        If e.Appointment.Resources.GetResourceByType("Room") Is Nothing Then
            Response.Write("No Room are selected" + "</br>")
            e.Cancel = True
            Response.Write("count:" + e.Appointment.Resources.Count + "</br>")
        End If
        If e.Appointment.Resources.GetResourceByType("User") Is Nothing Then
            Response.Write("No User are selected" + "</br>")
            e.Cancel = True
            Response.Write("count:" + e.Appointment.Resources.Count + "</br>")
        End If
    End Sub

    Please, take a look at this demo how to implement the validation. Notice that you have to implement the AppointmentUpdate as well.

    Plamen Zdravkov
    the Telerik team

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