Ability to change where in the HTML document RadWindow appears.

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    It appears as though the HTML for RadWindow gets thrown into the resulting HTML document right after the <form> element, no matter where RadWindow was inserted into the ControlTree. You could argue this doesn't matter because the Window uses absolute positioning and styles don't matter because a skin is set.

    However, it matters to us where in the page the actual HTML for the RadWindow ends up. RadWindow has the ability to contain controls, and our control's styles are controlled by where they appear in the page. We need the HTML for RadWindow to appear in the document according to where it is in the control tree, or else the styles for our controls that are placed inside RadWindow will never be applied.
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    Hello Sam,

    The RadWindow renders as a direct child of the form element so that it can pop up above all else and not be affected by their styles. If we left it where it was declared many issues with the popup behavior would arise.

    I am not sure how exactly your styles are inherited and what I can suggest at this point is adding a class for the controls in the RadWindow both in the CSS and in their own declaration, or cascading the existing ones through the RadWindow CSS class if necessary. You could also put a div element in the RadWIndow's ContentTemplate to act as a parent for your controls, that div could have the correct CssClass property like it would be in the markup so that your controls can still inherit the CSS cascade.

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