RadToolTipManager retaining the old values and not refreshing with new tooltip data

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     We are facing an issue in Telerik RadToolTipManager . We have a Radgrid with hyperlinks on each cell. Hover on hyperlink shows a tooltip which is a placeholder that contains few links and a radcombobox. RadGrid Columns are build with ItemTemplate

    When we hover over the link on the first row , the tool tip appears with correct data. When we go the second row or to another cell, the tool tip still holds the old values. The occurrence of this issue is not consistent and is random. Some times the tooltip data is shown  correct for first few mouse hovers across rows or across cells on the same row. Some times , it breaks in the second tooltip. There is no pattern in which this issue occurs.

    We did a lot of ressearch on Telerik forums and ​tried the following

    1. Clearing TargetControls. We also validated that each target control in Radtooltipmanager has a unique ID.

    2. Adding the tooltip controls to args.UpdatePanel in PreRender Event

    3. Making the surrounding div of the tooltip placeholder runat="server" and then assign an ID

     We are adding the target controls in the following way:

      ToolTipTargetControl control = new ToolTipTargetControl();
                        control.IsClientID = true;
                        control.TargetControlID = visitLink1.ClientID;
                        control.Value = Convert.ToString(visit.ID);
                        if (this.RadToolTipManager1 != null)



    We are adding the controls to tooltip as follows:

     protected override void OnPreRender(EventArgs e)

                if (this.ToolTipVisit != null)

                    this.ToolTipVisit = CreateToolTip();

     Can you please provide us help in solving this issue. Thank you in advance.


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