508: No audible cue that a sort has been performed on collumn sort in Radgrid

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    We implement sort function for radgrid column, however, when we used Jaws to test screen reader functionality, we found that when a screen reader user click the sortable column header links to sort the data in the table, there is no audible cue that the data has been sorted. JAWS merely announces "Enter" to correspond with the command that the screen reader user pressed and then is silent. Screen reader users have no way of knowing that the data in the table has been successfully sorted.

    Below is our 508 team opinion and suggestion:
    "For more robust functionality, like sortable data tables, it's necessary to assess if a screen reader user can perceive, operate and understand the sorting. In other words, users should perceive that a sort CAN be performed, operate the sort, and understand what (if any) sort HAS been performed.
     Implement the following changes to address the issues with the sortable column links.
     1. Use three separate images to indicate the status of the sortable column header:
     a. Column not sorted (image displayed by default when page loads OR if a different column is sorted). The alt text for this image should indicate how the data will be sorted the first time the user selects the link - e.g. alt="Choose to Sort Ascending" or alt="Choose to Sort Descending".
     b. Column sorted ascending. The alt text for this image should be alt="Currently Sorted Ascending Choose to Sort Descending".
     c. Column sorted descending. The alt text for this image should be alt="Current Sorted Descending Choose to Sort Ascending".
     2. Group the column heading text and image in the same <a> tag so they are both read together.
     3. Because the <th> cell will not simply contain the visual text displayed as the column heading, additional steps need to be taken to provide abbreviated column header text to be announced to the screen reader user as they navigate the data table using table reading commands. To do this define an abbr attribute within each <th> tag. The abbr attribute text for each TH cell should just be the visible heading text at the top of the column (e.g. "Select", "State", "County", etc.)"

    Is it doable or is there any other solution to address this issue?

  2. Maria Ilieva
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    Hello Wei,

    Could I kindly ask you to gather all requirements for improvements related to the RadGrid Section 508 Compliance into one document and post it as product feedback type of ticket? Therefore it will be easier for us to track all suggestion you have, pass them to our development team and discuss their possible implementation.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    All the best,
    Maria Ilieva
    the Telerik team
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    Posted 17 Jul 2017 Link to this post

    Was there an answer for this question? Please post the link to the answer. We use Telerik RadGrid and the sorting cue announced by screenreader is not correct.

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