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    Hello everyone.


    I'm new to Telerik controls but really appreciate them and have surprised myself by my progress so far. Nevertheless I have a problem which is driving me up the wall although it's probably fairly simple to solve.


    I'm using RadAjaxManager with 3 panels in a hierarchy (not nested but dependent upon one another for data):


    Panel1 Contains a category selector

    Panel2 Contains the list that results from changing the category in Panel 1.

    Panel3 Contains the details when a list item from panel 2 is clicked.


    So in the RadAjaxManager: Panel 1 is set to update Panel 2 and Panel 2 is set to update Panel 3.


    So far so good. Everything works fine except that Panel 3 contains a google map which, if the user clicks a new category in Panel 1, disappears. I am assuming that this is because Panel 1 updates Panel 2 and since Panel 2 is changed it is 'forced' to update Panel 3. I don't want this to happen because I'm pretty sure it's responsible for the map's disappearance.


    In any case there is no need for Panel 1 to update Panel 3. But how do I stop this 'cascade' happening?


    I have tried using ajaxRequestWithTarget from a control in Panel 2 to try to avoid any updates from panel 2 updating panel 3 but so far without success. Plus I only have a vague understanding of how this works and in addition I need to run a client script after the request completes (to redraw the map after the ajax has passed the coordinates back to the page) but I don't see any way to do this since OnResponseEnd doesn't get called in this scenario.


    I'm sure this is a fairly common situation. I really hate to post in forums until I've spent hours looking for solutions to similar problems in forums. Believe me that I have now spent hours!


    Any pointers at all appreciated.




  2. Steven
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    Posted 26 Apr 2012 Link to this post

    I finally solved this by adding asp:linkbutton elements in the listview individually to the radajaxmanager. This meant that it was the onclick event that triggered the ajax meaning that the 'clash' between panel 1 and panel 3 updates didn't occur any longer.

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