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    I'm trying to build a dynamic 3 level tabstrip. Every tabstrip has data read from a DataSource and every tab in every tabstrip level has a tabstrip associated. Depending on the 1st level tab selected, the tabstrip's at second level might be different and depending on the 1st level tab selected, and 2nd level tab selected, a different tabstrip should be loaded.
    the first 2 levels only have the tabstrip on the pageview associated to his tabs and only on the 3rd level it has some content ( some checkboxlist with some values obtained from 1st,2nd and 3rd level tabs selected.
    The problem is that only 1st and 2nd level tabstrips show, the 3rd level tabstrip doesn't show at all
    Here's what i have done :
    - On the form design i only have the 1st level tabstrip and multipage
    - on the code behind, on pageload (or init, i have tried both options) i have something like this:

    the 3 subs here do the following steps:
    bindTabStrip ( do the databind of the tabstrip)
    bindMultiPage( read datatable and create n pageviews and add them to multipage)
    bindViewid( set tab.pageview id = pageview.id)

    BindTabStrip(level1TabsStrip, Level1DataTable)
            For rootTabIndex = 0 To level1TabsStrip.Tabs.Count - 1
                BindMultiPage(getLevel1Data, level1MultiPage)
                BindViewIDs(level1TabsStrip, level1MultiPage)

                For Each PV As PageView In level1MultiPage.PageViews

                    level2Multipage = New RadMultiPage
                    level2TabStrip = New RadTabStrip
                    level2TabStrip.MultiPageID = level2Multipage.ID

                    BindTabStrip(level2TabStrip, getLevel2Data)
                    BindMultiPage(getLevel2Data, level2Multipage)
                    BindViewIDs(level2TabStrip, level2Multipage)

                    For Each PV2 As PageView In level2Multipage.PageViews
                        level3Multipage = New RadMultiPage
                        level3TabStrip = New RadTabStrip
                        level3TabStrip.MultiPageID = level3Multipage.ID
                        BindTabStrip(level3TabStrip, getLevel3Data)
                        BindMultiPage(getLevel3Data, level3Multipage)
                        BindViewIDs(level3TabStrip, level3Multipage)



            level1TabsStrip.SelectedIndex = 0

  2. Nuno
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    Posted 18 Oct 2011 Link to this post

    any help on this? i've tried a second aproach to this problem with a hierachical tabstrip but then I have another problem because what i want with those 3 level is to get 3 params to apply in a database query (each tab selected in each level is 1 param) and present the result as a checkboxList in the pageview.
    with a hierchical tabstrip i don't know how to do that
  3. Dimitar Terziev
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    Posted 20 Oct 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Nuno,

    By default the RadTabStrip support hierarchical binding to SiteMapDataSource and XmlDataSource and will automatically create the hierarchy for you.

    Since you are using SQL data source you should use the DataFieldID and DataFieldParentID properties to build the hierarchy.

    Please refer to the following help article regarding the hierarchical binding of the RadTabStrip.

    All the best,
    Dimitar Terziev
    the Telerik team
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