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    I am using Telerik 2008 Q3 version.I have one problem with splitter control. I have one radwindow in which i am using splitter control and teleriik rad panes.I have following problems:
    1. Whenever I open specified Rad window, controls in some of the tabs of window gets disappered. Please see attached screenshot(FieldDisappering Problem.Jpeg)

    2. I am using same page for adding/editing record. Based on add/edit option, I change title of page as Add Record/Edit record dynamically.But the problem here is that untill page is loaded completely, previous title is displayed on page first. e.g. When I click on Add record link, page opens with title Add Record which is correct. But next time, when I click on edit record link, first 'Add Record' title is displayed untill page is completely loaded and after that 'Edit Record' title is displayed.

    3. Also in another page, I am using splittercontrol with two rad panes.Wheneer page is in process of loading , only half of radpan is displayed and then after completly loading page, full rad pane is displayed.Please see attached screen shot.

    Please note that I am using radform decorator in all of my pages.

    Can you please advice on these problems?

  2. Svetlina Anati
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    Hi Nikesh,

    I am afraid that the provided screenshots and explanations are not enough to completely understand your exact configuration the actual and the desired behavior. However, I assume that the following information will be helpful:

    1. When you have loaded a certain page in a RadWindow and after that you want new page and you do not want the old content to be available until the new page is completely loaded, you should set the RadWindow's ShowContentDuringLoad property to false (I think this might be related to your 2nd question).
    2. When the RadSplitter starts initializing, if its sizes are set in percentages, it takes some time to calculate and set the needed sizes - I assume that this might be the problem described in your 3rd question. In order to hide those initializing actions, you should set the RadSplitter's VisibleDuringInit property to false. please, note that there is a problem With the RadSplitter for ASP.NET AJAX in RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q3 2008 in Internet Explorer (6 and 7) when the VisibleDuringInit property is set to "false" - the content of the RadPanes remains hidden even after the RadSplitter has finished its initialization. The problem does not exist in FireFox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. You can find a simple workaround in the following location:

      The problem is fixed in the next release, Q3 2008 SP1, namely 2008.3.1125.20.

    In case the provided information does not help, please prepare a sample demo project which is a fully runnable, stripped down version, open a new support ticket and send it to us along with very detailed reproduction steps and explanations. Once we have a better understanding on the problem we will do our best to help.

    Sincerely yours,
    the Telerik team

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    Thanks for your reply. We got solution for all the problems except the problem of fields / controls disappearing which we guess occurs when we use splitter control and tabs in same page, however we are not sure. Here is detailed explanation of problem:


    We have page Test.aspx in which we are using splitter control and two Rad panes. In one of the Rad panes, we have link buttons and in another Rad pane(Right one) we are using RadTabs as shown in screenshot (FieldDisAppearing-I.JPG). Our problem is that some of the controls in right Rad pane get disappeared suddenly after loading of page. E.g. fields like Reopen date, Report Due date which are visible initially, get disappeared within seconds after the page is loaded.


    I have attached screenshots of my page. In first screen shot (FieldDisAppearing-I), you can see all controls are visible (screen shot was taken just before the page was loaded) and in second one (FieldDisAppearing-II), controls like Reopen date, Report Due date got disappeared when the page was loading was complete. I have also attached Html code of this page.


    Can you please suggest us some solution on this?




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