Angular performance tips

50+ Angular Performance Tips from
the Pros

Alyssa, the author of this article, is the Developer Advocate for Kendo UI here at Progress. If you need to improve your app with killer UI components, check out our Angular component library! We have a wicked fast Data Grid, all the form inputs you could possibly want, consistent theme-able styles and so much more!

Alyssa recently reached out to fellow speakers and influencers in the Angular community for tips regarding performance in Angular apps. Over 40 different developers shared their thoughts about testing your app and knowing where to optimize, code splitting and lazy loading, observables and onPush, and so much more! She's broken their advice into these different categories:


Angular Collage - Half

You can jump to the section you are interested in or read through them all, they are all gems. A huge thank you to these experts for not only their advice on performance, but for what they do for our community on a daily basis. THANK YOU!!!