It's Friday and we're on day two of the XAMLflix Q1 2012 Release Marathon! If you haven't been watching XAMLflix, you may have been living under a rock these last four weeks, but regardless we've now got a brand new XAMLflix page on the site to help you stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest from this series as well as providing links to all past episodes. And trust us, folks, with well over 70 controls in Silverlight and 60 in our WPF suites, we've got a lot more coming!

For a quick recap, XAMLflix = Videos + Projects covering all of the controls in both the RadControls for Silverlight and RadControls for WPF control suites. We are revamping the entire video library with fresh new content based on the latest and greatest versions of our controls, complete with projects so you can grab the same code you see in the video and run with it.

Catching Up with RadTimeline

Hot off the press of our Q1 2012 release is RadTimeline, a fresh new Data Visualization control that allows you to display both individual as well as duration-based events in a slick and interactive display. Complete with support for zooming, scrolling, and time spans that range from minutes up to centuries, RadTimeline offers an exciting new way to visualize your data while providing the customization capabilities to really make it shine. But rather than just tell you about how cool RadTimeline is, let's check out the videos!

  • Getting Started with RadTimeLine - In this video, we'll see what it takes to get started with RadTimeline. This includes setting the intervals we would like to display as well as how to take your data and assign it to the intuitive Paths in RadTimeline for quick and easy display. (Download the projects!)
  • Displaying Advanced ToolTips - Once you have data displaying via the date axis, the next step is how to see how we can expose more of our data using the built-in ToolTips on RadTimeline. See how easy it is to turn the simple, text-based tooltip into something that will wow your users. (Download the projects!)
  • Customizing RadTimeline - We aren't going to stop with just tooltips, rather see how you can redefine the look and feel of both the instant and duration-based events in RadTimeline with a little bit of extra XAML. (Download the projects!)

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities for what you can do with RadTimeline. And this is only one control from the RadControls for Silverlight and WPF, so be sure to tune in to the XAMLflix page to catch up on past and future episodes, and don't forget that you can see RadTimeline and more in action during Q1 2012 Webinar Week next week, which appropriately enough begins with XAML.

Stay tuned for more from the XAMLflix marathon next week!

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works as a Developer Evangelist for Telerik specializing in Silverlight and WPF in addition to being a Microsoft MVP for Silverlight. After years as a development enthusiast in .Net technologies, he has been able to excel in XAML development helping to provide samples and expertise in these cutting edge technologies. You can find him on Twitter @EvanHutnick.


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