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Hello everyone,

We wanted to thank you all for attending the “What’s New & Awesome in Windows8 XAML & Windows Phone Q2 2013” webinar. As expected, we had a great turn out and everyone is excited about the enhancements made in both Windows 8 XAML and Windows Phone 8.


Slides, Source Code and the Recorded Webinar Video are now available for you.




  1. Does the storage support relationships? For example, a List<Car> property in the CarOwner class? Relationships are fully supported.
  2. Any chance we will see the GANTT control for Windows 8 anytime soon? No announced plans for a Gantt chart, but keep your eyes on the roadmap to see what's coming. 
  3. Can the Windows 8 roaming option be used for storage DB's? Yes, here's the code from the help files: public enum DatabaseLocation { Local = 0, Roaming, Temporary, Fullpath}
    var context = new Context("CarsDB", DatabaseLocation.Roaming);
  4. Can this database written to online storage something like SkyDrive for data storage and retrieval later? This is designed for local storage and uses SQLite.
  5. Are all the Windows 8 XAML controls MVVM friendly? Yes, absolutely.
  6. Can I use the "Telerik Cloud Synchronization Framework" in Windows 8? No, It has not been implemented at the moment for Windows 8. Stay tuned though!
  7. Where can I learn more about the Cloud Data Sync? or this great blog post.
  8. Does the Cloud Data Sync use the Azure backend? No, it only supports ours at the moment. But please stay tuned for further enhancements!
  9. Where is the help documentation for Cloud Data Sync?
  10. Where can I learn more about the new ImageEditor control for Windows Phone? Check out this blog post by the product team.


Hopefully you’ve seen here just how quickly and easily you can use Telerik’s RadControls for Windows 8 XAML or RadControls for Windows Phone 8 (or 7.5) in your mobile application. Also, tell us what you want to see in the future. Whether it is new controls, additional features or content based off of existing controls, drop a comment in this post.



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