Three days ago we made the biggest release so far in the history of Telerik. It was a very exciting moment for everyone on our team for a number of reasons:

You know that our slogan says "Deliver more than expected" and we always try to live up to your expectations. So, what’s the surprise?

If you've been following the MS blog posts and the agendas of the recent conferences, there is no way you could have missed the WPF/E name. Recently WPF/E got renamed to "Silverlight" but its essence stayed the same - to give a new meaning to RIA. The acronym originally stands for Rich Internet Applications, however, Microsoft’s goal is to help you take things further and deliver RIA (Rich Interactive Applications).

It was an exciting moment not only for Microsoft. As soon as we started experimenting with Silverlight months ago, we also got excited about its capabilities and the doors which it will open for all of us who felt that technology was to an extent limiting our vision for truly interactive applications.

The good news for customers is that our excitement had an immediate implication - we started conceptualizing our Silverlight product line as soon as we got our hands on the WPF/E bits. We've been quiet about this new initiative as our initial plan was to announce the new suite to the community once we reach a CTP or a BETA milestone. Nonetheless, our excitement was overwhelming and this time we decided to be more transparent and start showing you our progress on a regular basis even while the product is in its infancy.

You can visit, read about the current state of the Silverlight controls, browse some of the examples we've put online and send us your feedback. We'll be glad to hear your first impressions about our newest product line.

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