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Top dotNET articles of 2017

Find out the top 5 articles developers read on .NET in 2017—rest assured, each one is worth a read.

Looking back at the most read .NET articles on our blogs in 2017 is telling, and you can learn a lot about the topics developers were most interested in this year. The following .NET articles have all been read over 10,000 times. Some posts spawned intense discussion, and many reverberated around the Internet, shared by fellow developers on social media or reposted in community websites and newsletters.

Have you missed any of this top content?:

#5: The New Configuration Model in ASP.NET Core

by Julio Avellaneda 

Say goodbye to web.config, hello to appsettings.json and learn about the new configuration model introduced in APS.NET Core compared with previous versions of ASP.NET. Julio’s a real fan of this new model, “It works with XML, it works with JSON, INI and any other file type you may need. Lastly, it is very customizable and is built with dependency injection in mind.”

#4: Telerik UI for UWP Now Open Source

by Dobrin Grancharov

The open-sourcing of Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform under the Apache Software License was good news for the .NET community. Dobrin gives the full story in his blog, explaining what Telerik UI for UWP is, why we decided to open-source it and how to get it (for free). No less exciting was the news that a little later Telerik UI for UWP joined the .NET Foundation.

#3: Build and Deploy Your ASP.NET Core Application with Apache

by Jeff Fritz

You can’t get any more authoritative information than this, can you? In this article, Jeff Fritz answers the question, “Why should we consider building applications with a framework that has so much baggage behind it and try it on Linux, somewhere [Microsoft] have traditionally shunned?” and demonstrates the steps to build and deploy to a Linux server running Apache through a simple demo app.

#2: It’s a Good Day to Be a C# Developer

by Kevin Griffin

Why wouldn’t it be? In this article, Kevin touches upon several aspects of the life of the C# developer to attempt an answer to the question, “Should I learn C#?” and “How does C# compare to other popular languages such as JavaScript, Java, Python, etc.?” Yes, there was a heated discussion in the comments – don’t miss out on it.

#1: The .NET Core 2 Wave

by Ed Charbeneau 

We’re in the enviable position of being able to look back on the predictions made in Ed’s conversation with Scott Hunter, Director of Program Management for the .NET Platform from the future. We can now judge whether opening with “Will 2017 be the year of .NET Core? Of course it will!” was justified. And if you’re not feeling all that judgmental, just read this enjoyable conversation and see what the perception was about .NET Core 2, .NET Standard 2.0 and Visual Studio 2017 at the beginning of the year!

#1 .NET long-form content: The State of C#

Our most popular .NET whitepaper for 2017 was The State of C# by Kevin Griffin. It provides an overview of what’s new in C# 7.0 and considers a number of important questions such as: “Is C# a viable tool to have in my toolbox?” and “What’s coming in the future for C#?”

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