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Change property type based on an assignment
A new QuickFix command that helps changing the type of a property straight from the assignment.

Telerik OpenAccess ORM

How to integrate OpenAccess ORM with NAnt
Is NAnt your build tool of choice? This blog post will show you how to integrate OpenAccess ORM Enhancer tool in your NAnt build process.

Telerik Reporting

Bring Your Reports to Life with Telerik Report Designer
Blog article elaborating on adding interactivity to Graph item using the Standalone Designer (continuing our last week blog)

RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX

Deploying RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX
This article describes the steps for deploying the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX on a SharePoint Server 2013.

RadControls for Windows 8 HTML

New keyboard support articles for RadAutoCompleteBox, RadComboBox, RadDropDownList and RadTokenInput.

API Methods
A new article describing the public methods exposed by Telerik.Data.DataSource and their usage.

Free Text Input
New article about allowing free text input in RadTokenInput. This way your user can not only choose from the predefined options but also add their own text selection.

SDK Examples
Restaurant Menu
There is a new example in the Telerik Windows 8 HTML SDK in GitHub. It shows how to use DataStorage's fluent API to populate, filter and edit data in RadControls for Windows 8 HTML.

RadControls for WinForms

Add SplashScreen to your application
This article explains how to create a SplashScreen which will be shown while your application is loading.

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