Just Trace

Profiling Next Application
Next Application is a functionality in JustTrace which waits for the execution of a certain application or process and then, automatically starts profiling it.

Just Mock

Silverlight Elevated Mocking
With JustMock you can now mock everything (from interfaces, virtual and abstract methods and properties to sealed classes, non-virtual methods and properties, static classes, methods and properties, etc.) right within the Silverlight project. 

Better Syntax for Mocking MSCorlib Members
Since JustMock 2013 Q2 you are now able to arrange against any MsCorlib member/function without any additional set ups.
New Feature: Future Constructor Mocking
With JustMock 2013 Q2 you are now able to future mock the constructor of an instance.
New Feature: Create Mocks by Example
Save time when it comes to tiresome set up of arrangements with the new JustMock feature (also available in the free edition) for creating mocks by example.

Integrating JustMock with NCover
This article explains how to integrate JustMock with NCover.
Integrating JustMock with NCrunch
This article explains how to integrate JustMock with NCrunch.
Integrating JustMock with OpenCover
This article explains how to integrate JustMock with OpenCover.

Just Code

Decompile for Debugging
Assembly Browser window
Great new feature that allows users to decompile and debug third party dlls via its little friend the Assembly Browser window.


Select grid rows using checkboxes and preserve it between the pages.
This code library project demonstrates how to:
- select grid rows using check-box
- preserve that selection between the pages
- get the selected item IDs from all pages.

Telerik OpenAccess ORM

Data Validation with IDataErrorInfo
Add an implementation of IDataErrorInfo to your entities with a single checkbox! Use the interface to communicate the data validation results to the UI controls with minimum efforts.

Bulk Operations
Minimize the client side resources your application uses with OpenAccess Bulk Operations. The DeleteAll() and UpdateAll() methods allow you to manipulate large amounts of data on the server side in either a single call to the database or in batches.

Handling Model Changes
The Update Database from Model wizard currently allows you to mark for removal database tables that are not mapped in your model and generates the appropriate DDL script for dropping them. That way the storage model can always be synchronized with the domain model.

Code Generation Options
Find out how to enhance the domain entities in your model with DataAnnotation attributes, implementation of INotifyPropertyChanging/ed and implementation of IDataErrorInfo

Telerik Reporting

The Top 10 Best-Selling Video Game Consoles of All Time–and a lesson in SubReport Data Binding
Blog article elaborating on SubReport data binding. 

Rad Controls for ASP.NET AJAX

The Attack of the Light-Rendered or how Lightweight beats Heavyweight with CSS3 and HTML5
Blog post about the new Lightweight Rendering mode.


Candlestick Chart
Help article about the new Candlestick series type of RadHtmlChart.

Date Axis
Help article about support for DateTime objects when the RadHtmlChart is databound.

Setting Explicit Items
Updated help article about setting explicit items.

Configuring Axes
Updated help article about configuring axes.


Client-side Events Overview
New help article about Client-side events of RadTileList.

TileList object
New help article about the client-side TileList object.

TileList object
New help article about the server-side TileList object.

New demo about the animation that shows the PeekTemplate.


How RadDropDownTree for ASP.NET AJAX Became More Useful and Fully Replaced the TreeView in ComboBox Integration
Blog post describing the use of the RadDropdownTree and the cases when it is more appropriate to use the control instead of the TreeView in a ComboBox

Overview demo of the RadTabStrip control describing the base functionality of the control

Server Templates
This example demonstrates how to use the server templates of RadTabStrip, in order to customize each tab.

RadOrgChart Client API
New help article describing the client-side API of the RadOrgChart control 

Rad Controls for Windows 8

RTL Support (HTML)
A new article showing how to enable RTL support for all RadControls for Windows 8/HTML.

Enabling RadControls IntelliSense (HTML)
A new article describing the new helper methods that you can use to enable JavaScript IntelliSense for RadControls defined in HTML.

Culture Support (HTML)
A new article describing the culture support implemented for RadControls for Windows 8/HTML.

Data Storage
Walkthrough (XAML)
A series of walkthrough articles for the new Data Storage component for Windows 8/XAML.

Good Practices (HTML)
A new article about some recommended practices in the Data Storage component for Windows 8/HTML.

Getting Started (XAML)
Updated the article with a description of the new Galleries design-time feature in RadChart for Windows 8/XAML.

RadCartesianChart Properties and Configuration (XAML)
A new article about the RadCartesianChart properties.

RadPolarChart Properties and Configuration (XAML)
A new article about the RadPolarChart properties.

Aggregates Overview (XAML)
A series of articles about the new aggregates feature of RadGrid for Windows 8/XAML.

Provide Default Values on Insert (HTML)
A new article that shows how to provide default values for newly inserted items in RadGrid for Windows 8/HTML.

Rad Controls for WinForms

Announcing Q2 2013 RadControls for WinForms Beta – Now available for download
A look at the Q2 2013 Beta release of RadControls for WinForms 

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