I am very excited to announce that the Q1 release of RadControls "Prometheus" will include major improvements of RadScheduler.

Flexible grouping

You probably are familiar with the “group by resource day view”. We referred to it as "Resource View". We now extend this concept further and you will be able to enable resource grouping in every view type - day, week and month. Here is how the week view looks when it is grouped by resource:

In addition, you will be able to specify the grouping direction. The screenshot above demonstrates the default value – horizontal. Here is how RadScheduler looks when using vertical direction:

The new view options require some visual polishing, but we will take care of this in the following weeks.

We are also working on a new view type – a timeline. It will show a time scale on the horizontal axis and the appointments will be optionally grouped by resource.

We plan to extend the grouping further, so stay tuned for more details.

Advanced Form customization

So far we only gave you two choices when it comes to customizing the advanced form. You either had to start from scratch or you had the option to do minor adjustments to the control tree on the fly. These two options cover only the two extremes – minor modifications and total rewrite. We were unable to provide assistance if you wanted to retain most of the functionality, like recurrence editing, and add your own on top of it.

We hope that this will no longer be the case. With the Q1 release we will supply a set of user controls that replicate the functionality of the integrated templates. They are completely self-contained and are logically organized into components. We will help you get started by providing an example and documentation.
The user controls will be included in the upcoming Futures release. It is due next week.

Have fun!

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Tsvetomir is a developer on the Kendo UI team. He enjoys helping others as much as creating software. In his spare time, Tsetso loves reading science fiction and photographing nature.

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