Starting with its first public version at the end of January, UI for iOS is gaining speed. The new features are Trackball and Annotation support for the iOS chart. You will definitely enjoy the performance enhancements introduced for the Pan and Zoom feature. Last but not least the demo app is available for free download from the iPad App Store allowing you to experience the power of the chart with a click of a button.


The new Trackball feature allows for even greater precision when reading the chart data. It displays a small popup containing information about the point where the trackball line crosses the visualization of a series object.

Telerik UI for iOS Trackball


Make notes of trend or observations anywhere on the plot thanks to the new Annotations feature. The Annotation can be an explanatory image or text, anchored to a single point or a coordinate on a chart's surface. Available annotation types: band, line, balloon, layer, view and cross line.

Telerik UI for iOS Annotations

Demo App for iPad

It demonstrates the capabilities of the Telerik Chart for iOS. Download the app to get a first-hand experience with the suite. Source code preview is available for every example.

Demo App for UI for iOS

Feel free to download the bits and explore UI for iOS. Anytime you have questions, you can consult our Apple-style documentation or count on us via our Support Ticketing System or Forums. Should you have any feature requests, feel free to log them in our Feedback Portal for iOS.

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