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The AWS Learning Plan for Machine Learning can advance your career in machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL) and artificial intelligence (AI). Learn more in this post.

The AWS Machine Learning (ML) Learning Plan comprises an array of on-demand courses that help you boost your technical skills and expertise and learn how to put into operation machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL) and artificial intelligence (AI).

The learning plan is among the most in-demand of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training and Certification program, and rightly so—the global ML market is projected to reach nearly $210B by 2029! To put this into perspective, the ML market was valued at around $21B in 2022. Astronomical growth is on the horizon, at a compound annual growth rate of 38.8%!

Read on to dive into everything you MUST know about the AWS Machine Learning Learning Plan.

AWS Machine Learning (ML) Learning Plan Overview

The AWS Machine Learning (ML) Learning Plan, like all other AWS learning plans, is prepared by a team of AWS experts. This learning plan contains numerous on-demand courses, carving a clear path for ML knowledge acquisition. Of course, this means you can choose the courses that best meet your fancy or complete the entire learning plan (recommended).

Once you complete the guided curriculum, you should be able to determine real-world use cases for solving issues using ML/DL/AI and build applications with AI services from AWS.

You should also have greater knowledge of AWS services like Amazon SageMaker and be able to explore a career as an ML developer, data engineer or data scientist.

AWS Machine Learning Learning Plan Deep-Dive

The AWS Machine Learning Learning Plan is among the most intensive of the six role-based learning plans that are a component of the AWS Training and Certification program. It takes 32 hours and 35 minutes to complete the learning plan if you finish each course. You can enroll in the learning plan for free.

The AWS ML Learning Plan is accessible in 10 languages—English, German, Spanish (Latin America), French (France), Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil) and Simplified Chinese.

The learning plan structure is made up of 12 courses. The final course prepares you for the AWS Certified Machine Learning certification exam—Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Machine Learning—Specialty.

Machine Learning Essentials for Business and Technical Decision Makers is the most popular course in the learning plan. Popular free digital training courses that are not a part of the learning plan include Twitch Series: AWS Power Hour Machine Learning and Getting Started with Amazon Personalize. You can search for such free courses here.

AWS Certified Machine Learning—Specialty

Source: Chouaieb Nemri (Ramsey Elbasheer)

AWS Certified Machine Learning certification endorses the technical know-how to build, train, tune and deploy ML models on AWS. The certification exam is recommended for professionals with a role in data science who have one or more years of expertise in developing, designing, configuring or running ML/DL workloads in AWS Cloud.

Professionals must also be able to instinctively understand basic ML algorithms and have experience with ML/DL frameworks and basic hyperparameter optimization. We urge you to complete the AWS Machine Learning Learning Plan before attempting the AWS Certified Machine Learning certification examination.

A variety of free and subscription-based resources are available for examination preparation. Free resources include an examination guide, sample questions, practice questions, whitepapers and a webinar.

Exam Overview

  • 180 minutes
  • 65 multiple-choice/response questions
  • Pearson VUE testing or online proctored exam
  • Languages on offer—English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Cost: $300
  • Potential Jobs: Machine Learning Architect, AI ML Engineer, Data Architect, Sr. Data Architect, Enterprise Cloud Jr. Architect, Systems Development Engineer and Enterprise Architect, and Sr. Cloud Computing Specialist

Other AWS Machine Learning Learning Resources

The Machine Learning Ramp-Up Guide is a compilation of all AWS resources that are available to help develop your skills in ML and prepare for the AWS Certified Machine Learning certification exam. The guide can be downloaded for free.

You can also take full advantage of AWS Classroom Training. As the name suggests, this is a live classroom experience with expert AWS instructors, available both virtually and physically. Individuals, teams and entire businesses can partake in live classroom training to address real-world challenges and determine the best practices to tackle them.

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