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It has been a really dynamic quarter – the new Mango update of the OS is officially out introducing plenty of awesome new features, Nokia World has just started and the first Nokia Windows Phone device has been announced. No argument exciting moments for the entire Windows Phone ecosystem and much more to come. In the meantime we are working hard to continue enriching our suite and to make a developer's life easier, especially when the whole new Nokia realm is now alive – we are happy to announce the Q3 2011 BETA release of RadControls for Windows Phone. An important thing to point here is that as of Q3 2011 our controls will target the Mango update of the OS only. You can still use the Q2 2011 version of the controls for your NoDo applications.


Enough for the introduction – I guess you are eager to see what’s in: 

Context Menu


The control enables you to display and execute context sensitive actions. It is fully compliant with the Metro UI guidelines and offers great flexibility and extensibility, including custom animations, trigger mode, templates, commands plus much more. For your convenience we have prepared three examples in our demo application that feature the most common usages of a context menu. 

Chart - Financial Series


According to Wikipedia, these series are used to illustrate movements in the price of a financial instrument over time. Supporting true UI virtualization, the series are capable of displaying thousands of data points. Using the Pan-And-Zoom behavior you can move through the timeline to a certain time slot and see the actual price movement within it. More information may be found in this blog post

Chart Series Labels


Sometimes axes' labels are not sufficient to emphasize one or many data points. That is why we have implemented additional labels associated with data points on per chart series basis. As with every single feature in our charting component, the labels offer simple yet flexible API allowing the desired look-and-feel to be easily set-up either in XAML or through code behind. Multiple labels per data point as well as template selectors, different styles, layout strategies and more are supported out-of-the-box.

DataBound ListBox – Item Add/Remove Animations


We always listen to our users feedback – many of you have requested some visual effects when adding or removing items from a list box. And here they are – simple to use, based on our powerful animation framework. Several predefined animations come in the example in our demo application, allowing you to simply copy and paste them in your application and to enable great user experience.

JumpList – Group Check Mode

Another useful addition is the behavior of the checkboxes associated with the group headers in RadJumpList. Supported are three different modes:

  • Automatic – checking a group header will check all the child items.
  • Standard – a group header will behave like a standard data item.
  • None – group headers may not be checked. 

Along with these highlights there are many important bug fixes and other small but useful features and performance improvements. Do not miss this fresh new release and grab your copy today and leave us your feedback on what needs to be improved and/or what new features may be added.

Download your copy

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Nokia emulator skin

That's right, our designer has created 3 awesome new Nokia skins for your emulator to fully enjoy all the excitement around our BETA release. Learn how to download and enable the skins in this blog post.

Also, don’t miss to get advantage of a promotion we are currently running. Buy RadControls for Windows Phone now and promote your WP7 app for free. How? See this blog post for more information.

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