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Today we are pleased to announce the Release Candidate of Telerik UI Controls for Windows 8 development. One of the highlights of the release is the addition of two new controls, Pagination  and HubTile, for both HTML and XAML environments. In addition, the suite gets improvements such as Design-time support for XAML and numerous performance enhancements.

With this version of the suite (as well as with the previous Beta) you can build Windows store-ready apps at no cost. Hurry up, get your app to the store first; being first has huge advantages! There are already a number of certified apps on the Windows Store using the Telerik Windows 8 controls.

Note: When the official version of RadControls for Windows 8 is available, only apps already submitted to the store can continue use this RC release of Telerik Controls. For all the rest, the RC license terminates at the date of the official launch of RadControls for Windows 8.

Jack of Tools is in the Windows store today, built with Telerik UI Controls for Windows 8. “I knew I could count on Telerik for quality Charts, Gauges and controls that I'd come to rely on for the Windows Phone apps. On Windows 8, I was worried I'd have to produce quite a few quality tools in the initial release in order to be on track to eventually be on par with the Windows Phone version. With the Telerik tools for Windows 8, I was up and running in no time,” says Jonathan Isabelle from, the creator of Jack of Tools. 

“I chose Telerik controls because they were the first vendor to offer solid and valid components for Windows 8. The application using the Telerik controls has been certified immediately unlike other more complex implementations,” says Dario Chini, creator of SuperEnalotto Tool

Also make sure to check the freshly certified Telerik controls examples apps in the Windows store. The two apps are free of charge with a source-code viewer to help you get started with your development. The examples will guide you through all the features of the Telerik suite for Windows 8 development.
Download for free the Telerik Windows 8 UI controls examples HTML
Download for free the Telerik Windows 8 UI controls examples XAML

Here’s some more details on the new controls:

The HubTile control lets users experience the dynamics of navigation or browsing through Windows 8 style tiles.  No matter the application type, the Telerik Windows 8 HubTiles enable the organization of apps in a unique and native Windows 8 style. There are 5 different tile types available as part of the control: HubTile, CustomHubTile, SlideTile, MosaicHubTile and PictureRotatorHubTile.



The Pagination control enables fast and intuitive navigation between pages, regardless of style or content. For example, you get visual information when navigating through a FlipView control’s items (any ItemsControl is supported).


The XAML controls have also been extended with a LegendControl that implements an abstraction of a legend, allowing the same control to be used by different data visualization components that implement a particular ILegendInfoProvider interface. RadChart is an example of such a control.

Download the free Telerik Windows 8 UI controls Release Candidate version and start building your first Windows 8 app now! 

Check out the online documentation for Telerik Windows 8 UI controls / XAML
Check out the online documentation for Telerik Windows 8 UI controls / HTML

If you have a certified app on the store built with RadControls send us a link @ Win8Apps [at] telerik dot com together with the app’s tile, description and list of Telerik controls used. 

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