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Hear from one of Progress’ most prolific point earners and bug finders about the support system behind Telerik and Kendo UI products.

I have designed about 200 components in VB 5/6 (UserControls)/C# WinForms, and all my Windows systems are based on it. So, when I started to code in .NET, I did not waste my time refactoring controls. Instead, I looked around the market for component libraries and tested some. I was looking for a robust component library that was ready for growth, well documented, and constantly updated, and I chose the one with adequate support. You know who it was! Progress Telerik!

It was my first time working with a complete framework like Telerik UI for WinForms and Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX. Currently, Progress offers a bunch of frameworks, including Kendo UI, .NET MAUI and Blazor. Therefore, it took a little time to understand the logic used. Then, the questions started coming. Seeing documentation and demos and what was possible, I became a hardcore Telerik user.

To deliver to my customers an authentic and unique UX, I have used the components to the maximum of their limits with purposes and ways different from their initial idealization using the logic: “Users needn’t ask (any question) to use.” These two things happened:

a) I found some bugs (mostly my own).
b) I had suggestions to improve the quality the products.

Let me say that, at that moment, I wasn’t aware of Progress Telerik’s point system that rewarded you when you found a bug or suggested any features. Support rewards us with points every time we reveal a bug or they accept our suggested features. So I have earned almost 300K points so far.

The support is outstanding! Sometimes, they revealed something that wasn’t their obligation and showed me how to solve my problem. They provide a sample code perfect for my needs when the situation is on them. The interaction, the code sample and my code fix (by them) point to the proper documentation, sometimes a total project sample, and so much more. All this experience and how the support team acts made me feel like Progress Telerik is part of my team, as a solid arm to help. All of this with a lovely look and feel.

Telerik offers support provided by the very teams developing the components, often help in forums, and also have remote assistance on your local machine (according to the plans), if this is needed.

We can see, even today, many companies that provide support only for premium plans or none at all, offering only forums where the users can ask each other for help. Sometimes you really need specialized help from the company that makes the product.

The point here is how good it is to have adequate support.

I suggested new features for the products, and to my surprise, Telerik worked on them and is still doing it. They sometimes launch in the next cycle of the product release. They provide four SP (Service Pack) releases in the year, in addition to the three annual major releases!

Nowadays, more and more B2C are providing support only via robot texting. So when we face problems, as developers usually have, it’s better to ask Stack Overflow than the code owner to support us.

Beyond personal support with Telerik products, you get it from the people who actually made the tools—each component in a framework has its team.

And you can participate in the design of new products. For example, during the Telerik UI for .NET MAUI initial developments, developers/customers could contact support, and the Telerik team provided a 0-day response solution.

Any time you can manifest your experience and suggest new features, that goes to the community for priority voting. You can be involved in this process to help make these incredible products even better! Access these polls at

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About the Author

Jefferson S. Motta

Jefferson S. Motta is a senior software developer, IT consultant and system analyst from Brazil, developing in the .NET platform since 2011. Creator of www.Advocati.NET, since 1997, a CRM for Brazilian Law Firms. He enjoys being with family and petting his cats in his free time. You can follow him on LinkedIn and GitHub.

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